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11 Things You Shouldn’t Say About People’s Bodies

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You look like you should eat something. Are you sure you really want to eat that?

Explain this to me…how can someone “look” hungry? It doesn’t matter if someone looks slim or skinny; this doesn’t automatically mean that they’re starving themselves.

If you’re about to shame anyone of any size, no matter what they might be eating, don’t. Imagine how it must be for them—you’re not the only one who told them they’re “too skinny” or that they should eat something.

Imagine hearing the same line 20 or 30 times a day. How would you feel?

I’m almost as dark as you are!

If you are a white person who thinks that you can easily compare your tan to another person’s natural skin tone, you should reconsider.

There’s really no need to tell someone you’re aware of their color, even if you do it because you want to be nice.

Trust me, I’m pretty sure they’re fully aware of the color of their skin, so there’s no need to mention it. If you want to talk about something, ask what their favorite food or movie is.

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