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11 Things You Shouldn’t Say About People’s Bodies

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You don’t look like you’re doing any exercise

I think I’ve heard this a thousand times, so even if I didn’t get the chance to tell this to all the people who ever said this to me, I will say it now: when someone tells you something about their life, you should believe them.

Are you pregnant?

I’ve also dealt with this more than once. Luckily, most of these memories make me laugh, but truth be told, I don’t think that others would appreciate hearing this.

Probably the funniest of them all was when my boyfriend and I were on vacation and dining at our favorite restaurant.

The waiter, a very nice and well-intended man, couldn’t help but notice my big, bloated belly and couldn’t help but admire my beautiful “baby belly”, and “my pregnant glow” and congratulate me.

You can only imagine how funny the whole situation was for me, and while I preferred letting him think that I’m pregnant rather than anything else, I had to “come clean”.

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