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11 Things You Shouldn’t Say About People’s Bodies

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You would be much hotter if you had boobs

I know that every single feminine person should automatically have “curves in all the right places”. However, boobs don’t grow on trees, so to speak, and suggesting that someone might be less of a woman or less sexy without them is rude.

Not to mention that if you think someone has to change their body so you can easily find them attractive, then something should indeed change, but it’s in yourself.

This is only a small example of all the things people have to deal with when it comes to body image.

When it comes to making our way into the world, there are already enough signs that might imply our bodies aren’t good enough, beautiful enough, sexy enough, or don’t meet any contradicting cultural standards.

Let’s be honest; this life would be so much better if we were able to be ourselves. If you meet someone and you don’t know what to say, don’t say any of the things listed above. Tell them they look nice, and it will do the trick.

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