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7 Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You

Do you know the signs someone secretly dislikes you?

Have you ever had the feeling that someone you consider a friend might not be so friendly after all? You know who we are talking about. These are people who always nod and smile but will never challenge you or give you a different opinion.

Research shows that those who surround themselves with “’yes men” are more likely to make bad decisions. Kind of counterintuitive, right? It might be, but this is the truth, and having real friends may seem harder and harder.

But how can you make the difference between a true friend and someone who is around you but who secretly harbors not-so-friendly feelings?

We’ve cracked the code, and we want to tell you about some sneaky signs someone secretly dislikes you. Read on, and get ready to find out who is worthy of your friendship and who is not!

signs someone secretly dislikes you
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1. They’re resentful, but they are afraid to show it

We’ve all been there. You think that you finally have a friend you can trust and all. They seem happy about your achievements, but something deep down…doesn’t feel quite right.

One of the signs someone secretly dislikes you might be closely tied to this situation. Some people are social chameleons who will do their best to blend in. Maybe they seem happy about your success, but underneath, there might be a simmering pot of resentment. They smile, they congratulate you, but in the end, it is all fake.

Try to notice anything that might seem off. Do they subtly downplay your accomplishments? Do they offer backhanded compliments? Do they try to shift the conversion? If this is happening, they can all be signs someone secretly dislikes you.

True friends will always be happy to celebrate your victories, and if someone seems not to be that excited for you and even tries to bring you down, it is clear that they are not your friend.

2. They’re stuck in their ways

We’re always growing, evolving, and reaching new heights, but there is this friend who seems unimpressed by all your progress. This might be a little bit confusing, but hear me out: sometimes people can get too comfortable in their skin, and this might lead to them believing they are the best. They are not realizing that all of us are growing, and this can really drag them down.

Some signs someone secretly dislikes you can be subtle, but if this person acts like they are above you, scoffs at your goals, and dismisses your ideas, things are clear. Probably they are not your fans and there is nothing you can do about it.

3. They stay in your way

You have something on your mind, and you are incredibly motivated. This is your time, and you feel like you’ll make history. This is amazing, but all of a sudden, this person comes to you and makes a comment that leaves you completely deflated.

If they are constantly hindering your progress, this can be one of the signs someone secretly dislikes you. They always make mean jokes, dismiss your dreams, and call your goals “unrealistic.” They bring up past failures into conversion and are just a negativity gremlin altogether.

Someone who cares about you will be there to support you, not act like an obstacle between you and your happiness. You need the “you got this!” attitude and if this person does all they can to drag you down, it is easy to see that they probably don’t like you at all.

4. They want to quit the conversation

Another one of the signs someone secretly dislikes you is that they never have time to talk to you. There is this “friend” of yours who, each time you discuss something, has places to be, people to see, and never has time to have a conversation with you. They are not keen on extended chats with you, and you can notice this.

As soon as your conversion seems to get interesting, they cut it short and tell you that they are in a hurry. Their answers are closed-off and leave little room for further discussion. You just feel like they don’t want to talk to you.

When someone likes you and wants to spend time with you, they will try to be present during the conversation and listen to what you’re trying to say to them, not run away as quirky as possible.

5. They’re never excited for you

Oh boy, you have some great news to share, and you can’t wait to tell your new friend all about it. But the reaction you get from them is not what you expected; it’s quite damp, and you can’t understand what you did wrong.

Now, we don’t say that you should expect everyone to be your personal cheerleader, but if a friend of yours never gets excited when you are happy, something might be wrong. This is actually one of the signs someone secretly dislikes you.

To better understand what we are talking about, they tend to give you mumbled one-word responses to your exciting news, or they always seem preoccupied with something else. If they were a genuine friend, they would make the time to celebrate your victories, big or small.

signs someone secretly dislikes you
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6. They take things way too personally

This can be one of the big signs someone secretly dislikes you: when you joke with them or say something, they make it all about themselves and feel offended for no reason.

Let’s say that you are hanging out with someone and you try to have a good time, but there is a problem: you feel like you are walking on eggshells. Any comment that you make seems to be taken the wrong way, and you feel like you can’t say anything.

This can be incredibly frustrating and is not about avoiding making jokes but more about how you are tiptoeing around someone’s feelings. Not everything is a personal attack, but it seems like they don’t get it. This constant negativity is a red flag, and it can be one of the signs someone secretly dislikes you.

7. You are feeling left out in the friend group

Maybe you met this person, and now you started hanging out with their friend group. This sounds exciting; you’ve been out with them a couple of times, but you’ve started to notice that there are some invisible walls around certain activities. They don’t seem to want to include you, and you are not sure why.

Friendship is complex, but if you are constantly left out of group activities, this might be one of the signs someone secretly dislikes you. It can happen that some people might make you feel like you are not on the same page, but this can be unintentional. If this keeps happening, it might be a sign that something is not working in the direction you want things to work.

Maybe you always hear them talking about weekend getaways and going out for drinks, but they never invite you. When in a group setting, they always leave you out of the conversation, and when you try to join, you are met with an awkward silence.

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