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6 Lessons Your Twin Flame Journey Might Teach You

Have You Met Your Twin Flame?

Those of you who have already met your twin flame are probably aware of how deep the connection between two people can go. As a matter of fact, the connection is always there because we are all one.

If you succeed in dropping your armor and opening up and showing yourself to someone else in all your beauty, and the other one does it too, then you will wake up one day in a deep, wonderful connection that moves at the pace of your intertwined souls.

Naturally, this doesn’t really happen to everyone. In fact, you will rarely be able to find someone who truly vibrates on the same soul frequency and also openly invites you to make a connection. Someone who can call you their home.

When it happens, it will only take a second. In most cases, the experience is quite intense and overwhelming. And yes, you will notice that your notion of time and material dimensions will completely shift.

In fact, even vanish. For a brief (or eternal) moment, you will find yourself in another formless dimension. Words really don’t do justice to the feeling.

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But then, it hurts.

But when you get back in time and in the world, all kinds of problems arise. Just to briefly summarize, you get to feel the downside of all the nice things, and that is misery. After a brief period of happiness and connection, there comes the goodbye. Then, you feel the pain of absence, separation, homesickness, and unfulfilled desire.

You might experience deep sorrow when that happens, especially the sorrow of losing your soulmate. For instance, they might be in another relationship, and they can’t or don’t want to give up on it. Or frustration, because the differences between you two are so great that you can’t have a satisfactory “normal” relationship. Rarely do people get the chance to enter into a “normal” relationship with their twin flame. In most cases, the encounter brings pain, sadness, and frustration.

The lesson

Why do you come across a twin flame? Well, the mind is always looking for explanations. While you might not understand the “why,”  you might be able to tap into some insights after trying to understand your experience and also listen to other people who went through the same thing.

First of all, why? Everything that happens in your life is mainly intended to teach you something. It’s also quite simple, especially since you are here on earth for a very good reason. You have this mission, the soul’s purpose. Everything that happens is to give you the chance to make that potential come to full bloom. It’s a great chance to learn. A situation to fully get to know yourself. Even a challenge to become more aware and loving of yourself.

Be aware of the gift.

Whatever happens, always remind yourself of who you are. Getting the chance to experience a huge connection is an immense gift. Look at this encounter as a wonderful gift and be thankful. Only a couple of people in this world have the chance to experience such a deep love connection.

To be able to look into the soul of the world is really one of the greatest gifts you can receive. Maybe it doesn’t bring much consolation, but you still have to cherish the experience. You can recognize the spiritual wisdom that has come to you.

Also, you need to realize that, now that you know from your own experience, there is another dimension in which our souls live. A world where time and space disappear. They simply cease to exist. Another dimension in which matter and form aren’t real anymore.

A space where separation seems to be nothing but an illusion. Now you know it. You already had that sense of unity. Not only with someone else but especially with yourself. All that peace and calmness that you felt, but also the fullness of it, and the blissful experience of being with someone you love. To be complete, you must be who you truly are. Besides your body and mind, you are also a soul, and you just returned home.

Unmask the projection.

Then, after meeting with your soulmate, you will start to see the mind and body issues caused by projection and free space. The mind simply can’t believe that the blissful feeling that you had is “only” a natural state of being. No, the mind is meant to project “pain and pleasure” onto the outside world.

So this means that your twin soul is responsible for your happiness, and you feel the need to experience it again. The mind has a hard time handling uncertainty, and that’s why the mind wants to maintain the connection. To freeze and reproduce it.

Your body and heart agree to this because it feels great. And because of the intensity of the experience, your ego gets involved. The urge to reconnect becomes the main goal, sometimes even a fixation, which can prove to be quite intense and obsessive. You can only think of the other person. The projection on the other individual is total. There’s zero room for others anymore. If this doesn’t happen to you, it might be the other one claiming you!

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Feel what is yours.

Meeting your twin flame is the perfect occasion given by the universe to sharpen your consciousness. Being aware of how your mind and all those layers of your personality are put together is a wonderful lesson. You finally get to unmask the projections and finally experience bliss.

Naturally, the other person plays a huge role, as they act as a catalyst and even release something within you, which we can call a vibration. However, the feeling, the experience, and the blessing are totally yours. That’s who you are, regardless of the others around you. That is what can show up at different times and in different situations, with different people.

Embrace the pain.

Naturally, the socially conditioned mind makes all these conflicted scenarios fit with our already existing relationship patterns. And since you have ongoing relationships in your life or you have a family, this oftentimes creates trouble. The mind starts projecting into the future.

According to the mind, investing in one relationship goes at the expense of the other, which naturally isn’t desired. Or, it could be about the values, beliefs, and lifestyle of your soulmate and the people surrounding you. The mind automatically turns everything into a moral conflict.

In most cases, whatever you do might result in an impossible situation. Your mind automatically forces you to choose. Whatever you decide upon, you always lose. There will always be pain, whether it’s about feeling guilt, sadness, or even fear.

Or, you might be hurting your relationship, your soulmate, and even yourself. It gets too busy in your head. You are always in your head, thinking and worrying more and more. In the meantime, the connection seems to be slipping away.

In this case, the lesson lies in the fact that you need to expose your mind and ego as the main troublemakers. You have to learn how to put your body and mind at the service of who you truly are instead of the other way around. Don’t try to fight your mind or the pain.

In fact, do the opposite: embrace the mind; embrace the pain in love. Acceptance is everything you might ever need—everything you are in this moment—and that’s the secret key to peace and relaxation. It might not be too great, but resisting it won’t help either. If you’re in the mood for a love meditation, make sure you get this candle to get the atmosphere going!

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