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16 Signs Your Deceased Pet Is Watching From Above

For most of us, our pets are more than just fluff balls. Once you bring them into your house, they become family members. Losing a pet can be a profound emotional experience that may cause a towering moment in your life.

Allow yourself time to grieve, but also to celebrate the moments together and their lives. You may wonder if your pet is still watching over you, and there are some signs to see when they are not ready to leave you yet.

These are some signs that your pets are still with you:

1. Nature

When you’re grieving, you may feel the need to seek solace and go away from the hustle and bustle. That’s why you may return to nature, and here is where you’re going to get most of the energetical signs. Nature responds to our emotions and connects us to our needs, giving us in return what we seek.

Go deep into yourself and notice a gentle breeze caressing your skin or a butterfly getting close to you. It’s easy for them to communicate with you in nature, and these are signs that your pet is with you and that their loving energy follows you.

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2. Dreams

Dreams are more important than we think, and they always mean something. With our mind quiet, our spirit becomes light. Consciousness heightens to other energetic frequencies than the ones we maintain in the daytime.

We can connect on a higher level with higher energies, including from the other side, so if your pet appears in your dreams after they pass, trust that it’s their way to tell you they are watching over you.

3. Sound

It’s possible to hear familiar sounds like your pet jingling their collar, or doing their little jump. Also, there is some unexplained noise, such as footsteps, howling, scratching, or even barking. Yes, this can be a way of trying to let you know they are still by your side.

4. Smell

There are specific smells associated with your pet and if you feel them, if you catch a whiff of their unique smell, their shampoo, or their favorite treat’s aroma after they are gone, it can be a sign of them being around and sending you comfort.

5. Touch

You may sense their presence in unexpected ways. What you can be surprised by is the feeling of them jumping onto your lap or even noticing little prints of paws on your blankets. When you sleep, you can feel their presence sleeping next to you. These sensations are a sign that their spirit is nearby, letting you know they never left you and that they are there for you.

6. See

In a glimpse of an eye, you may have the impression that you saw them. You can blame it on lights and shadows and on the fact that you miss them, but it can also be your furry friend trying to make his presence noticed. This is mostly happening with your peripheral vision, so it can happen to see them with the corner of your eye.

It doesn’t even need to be real, and it may not be their spirit, but this is still a sign that they are watching over you. When you feel like this, let them know out loud how much you love them. Dog owners reported these sorts of visits, and it is known that dogs remain close to their families in the afterlife.

7. Feeling

If you experience a sudden feeling of warmth or loving, comforting energy that is giving you goosebumps and spreading across your body, this may be a sign of a higher frequency appearing. Some believe that this happens when an animal’s spirit enters the room.

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8. Is your pet shedding from the afterlife?

Discovering their hair or physical evidence of their presence is a way of communicating that they are still with you. It’s said about cats that they always leave reminders that you can find in physical form because they spent so many lives in the astral realm and don’t realize when they cross over.

9. Toys

Yes, it happens to know you left one of their toys in a room and found it in another room. They are probably still around to help you cope with losing them. It’s said they move around their stuff because they want to play with you. This is a sign of understanding: they love you, trying to be there for you even from the afterlife, and they will always be part of your soul.

10. Food

What about finding yourself craving your pet’s favorite human food? For example, if you buy the deli meat your pet always begged for and add it to your sandwiches frequently, this could be your unconscious way of remembering the bond you shared. This food item brought a lot of joy both for you and your pet, and the sharing food moments are worthy to be remembered.

11. Places

If you find yourself in familiar places without planning it, whether you’re taking a walk or driving, and allow your mind to wander while coping with grief, this could be another sign of sharing energy with your pet. You may realize you’re heading to their favorite neighborhood, park, or cherished location, and you may have felt it as an external guidance.

12. Compelling objects

Meaningful objects are an easy way for your pets to communicate with you. You can be inexplicably attracted to some object, such as a frame, and this could be your pet’s way of guiding you. They may try to evoke a memory and remind you of all the love and joy you shared. Keep in mind to stay open to messages that can be conveyed to you.

13. Songs

Another way of easily communicating is through sound waves, as they are frequencies. You may notice songs popping out that remind you of them, either by name, by their reaction to them, or by a funny memory related to them. It can happen on the radio and in your playlists, and they have the power to uplift you, reminding you of wonderful times and reminding you of the unconditional love you were so lucky to experience.

14. Names

Maybe you’re in the situation of noticing your pet’s name everywhere—it can be on social media or even on a billboard. No matter where you encounter it, the name popping out all the time is a clear sign that they try to connect with you and protect you from the other realm.

15. Temperature

You may get chills, or your house can feel like suddenly freezing for no reason. This temperature change can indicate an after-life visit. If you feel a chill sensation across the room, use your intuition and see if there is a reason to thank your pet for visiting you; be aware of its presence. The sudden temperature drops are commonly known as signs of a spirit visiting both humans and animals.

16. Doppelganger

It can be disturbing to see your deceased pet’s lookalike. When you see an animal looking and behaving the same, this is not a coincidence. It’s your pet’s way of reconnecting with you and boosting your mood by bringing into your sight a physical version of itself that you can notice in another animal.

Photo by dsedlarski from Shutterstock

If you’re interested in this subject and want to know more, there is a book called Signs from Pets in the Afterlife that you can order via Amazon. It can help with curiosity and may bring you closer to your beloved pet.

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