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12 Signs You Have a Soul Tie with Someone

Are soul ties even real? The whole conversation around soul ties raises a ton of mixed feelings in many of us. I mean, some will say that soul ties are evil and should be terminated right away. Others don’t know much about them at all.

If you want to know whether soul ties are real or not, or, most importantly, if you have one, you will after reading this article. You are about to discover the very true meaning of soul ties today. You will also know which types of soul ties are out there and all the signs that you’re spiritually linked to someone else.

soul ties
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What are soul ties?

So we should start with the question, “What do soul ties mean?” A soul tie is an extremely deep-seated connection you can easily establish with someone. Just as the name explains, this connection is often considered deeply rooted in our souls, and it generally sets in after being intimate with them.

So how do soul ties work exactly? A soul tie is the beautiful knitting between two souls, right after a deep emotional connection has been established between them. In most cases, this process is seen as part of a spiritual connection.

Another classical sign of spiritual soul ties is that they are quite intense, overwhelming, and stronger than any other kind of connection you could ever feel to anyone else in your life. Now that you know the true meaning, we can dig even deeper.

What causes a soul tie to form?

A soul tie is oftentimes debated in religious and spiritual contexts, especially within Christianity and other belief systems. As we mentioned, it also refers to a deep emotional and spiritual connection established between two individuals. It’s often formed through intimate and close relationships.

The entire idea of a soul tie is still not universally accepted. Some beliefs might still vary, so it’s very important to note that the concept is entirely based on personal beliefs and not so much on scientific evidence. Here are some of the most common beliefs about what creates a soul tie:


A soul tie forms after you’ve been intimate with someone. From a medical perspective, oxytocin is released during org*sm. This is a hormone that plays a huge role in establishing a strong emotional bond between sexual partners. But soul ties don’t always follow right after an org*sm. When you’re intimate with someone, you’re only increasing the chances of forming a soul mate with them.

Close relationship with someone

A soul tie can be created when you’ve spent a long time in a deep and emotional relationship with someone. These bonds generally result from shared experiences, trust, and profound connections that usually develop over time. It can be either in the form of relationships, family connections, or even romantic partnerships.

What is the difference between a soul tie and a soul mate?

“Soul tie” and “soul mate” have always been used to complement each other over time. According to the general assumptions, one must have a soul tie with one’s soulmate. But this might not be completely true. As far as finding your own soulmate, you can feel the bond almost right away.

So many people who happily found their soulmates reported that the connection started off the bat. It was instant, and they felt drawn to one another. A connection with your soulmate goes very deep, and it’s also meant to heal you. But this is not the case with soul ties. Sometimes, soul ties take some time to form, but other times they could set after you’ve slept with someone.

Signs you have a soul time with someone

What are the exact signs you’re in a soul tie with someone? Is there even a way that you can identify these better? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’re not the only one. When it comes to soul ties, it’s so easy to get confused and have all these questions in your mind.

You feel a deep connection with that person.

As we’ve already discussed, soul ties are more profound than any other thing you’ve ever experienced in your life. They can also feel more intense than you feel when you fall in love. If you truly feel a deep and spiritual connection with someone else, it might be a sign that you’ve already established a soul tie with them.

soul tie
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Your timing is perfect.

Chances are they waltzed into your life at a turning point for you. This could either mean that you were transitioning into a new phase or that you were going through a rather challenging time. They came in and offered reassuring and deep-seated comfort for you. On a similar note, they always seemed to show up when you needed them most. If you think about it, they will either call or text you.

You are obsessed with them.

You used to be a rational human until you met them. Now, you can’t help but spend all your days thinking about them, how they feel, what they are up to, and how you feel all those deep feelings for them. At this point, you can’t even control your thoughts about them. They simply take over. If that’s the case, you might want to consider breaking that bond.

They always get the most exaggerated reaction out of you.

You always considered yourself a level-headed person who never lost her cool until you’d met them. When you have a soul tie with someone, you might notice that they seem to get the biggest reaction out of you. This can also include positive or negative reactions, depending on the context.

You use them as a benchmark.

When you have a soul tie with someone, you will find yourself using them as a yardstick to measure every other relationship. You could even start judging other people in your life from the standpoint of what this specific person would have done. Unfortunately, this could affect your relationships. Besides, you could even find yourself rebuffing every other relationship because of them.

You simply can’t move on, even if you hate them.

Do you feel like you can’t take them out of your head, even when you want to move on? This is exactly one of the reasons why such connections are seen as dangerous on so many levels. Considering the deep-seated connection you could feel toward a special someone, you might find it impossible to let them go completely.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re obviously not the right one for you or if your relationship might be toxic. You could even hate them, but moving on seems arduous. This is definitely one of the most dangerous soul ties.

You freak out every time you feel like you’re losing them.

Every time the random thought that they could move on from you cross your mind, it could act out in very extreme ways. What makes this even worse is that it might be the first time you experience these feelings, no matter how intense your past relationships might have been.

They feel familiar.

As soon as you two are connected, you start feeling like you know them from somewhere, even if that’s not true. This is one of the most common signs of a true connection. Their faces seem familiar, and everything they do reminds you of something you can’t place your hands on. You could even feel a deja vu.

But it’s worth mentioning that there’s so much more to know about soul ties. Since I don’t want to leave you hanging, I’ll recommend you read this fantastic book.

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