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5 Zodiac Signs to Keep the Peace With

WARNING: These are the zodiac signs you should not argue with!

There are twelve zodiac signs, and they are not created equally. There are some zodiac signs you should not argue with. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about them.

Maybe you would assume that Scorpio is the most dangerous sign and that you should avoid these people at all costs when they are angry, but is that true? It might be, but there are also other zodiac signs you should not argue with.

So, read on and learn more about how the zodiac signs argue and find out which ones are the most dangerous and vicious ones.

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1. Leo

Ruled by the Sun, these people are fiery and are definitely one of the zodiac signs you should not argue with. Don’t play with the fire because you will probably get burned. This can’t be more real, especially when a Leo is mad at you.

Another thing we need to mention is that Leos are never wrong. This is mostly a matter of pride, and they don’t really care. What is important to remember is that they are right, and no matter what you say, this is something that will never change.

When you have an argument with this sign, you will have to be prepared because they are master manipulators who will take your words and make you feel like a complete fool for even saying them.

Maybe you think that this is just another stereotype, and you still want to challenge them. Ok. You do you, but in the end, even if your arguments seem valid and you think you are winning, you are not.

This is especially true if the Leo in question is your lover or spouse. They will negate everything, and in the end, they are the only ones who hold the “real” truth. So, you have almost zero chances to make them say they did something wrong or that they are not right.

3. Gemini

This sign already has a bad reputation, and you might think that it can’t get even worse. Oh well, we don’t want to disappoint you, but Gemeni is also one of the zodiac signs you should not argue with.

There is one thing that not many people know about Gemini, and that is that they believe they are here on this planet to be good and do good to everyone. Some of them simply believe that they are here to save you. You might think that there is nothing wrong with that, but wait for it.

It is all fun and games until you start disagreeing with them. Once you do that, they will not argue with you. No, they will do something even worse. They will try to “save” you. The Gemini will be there to show you the right path and guide you. They will try to make you see the light, and they don’t care if you believe that the light is as fine as it is.

From then on, they will make it clear that they know better than you. They are the only ones who know the truth, and you know nothing. This means you should be listening to them. They are able to make most people go nuts since it can be extremely frustrating.

When was the last time a person behaved like they knew what was right for you? Take that and imagine it three times worse, and you will understand why Gemini is one of the zodiac signs you should not argue with. They will dismiss everything you say, and they will try to fulfill their savior agenda no matter how hard you are struggling to explain to them how you feel.

3. Aries

A list of zodiac signs you should not argue with cannot be complete without Aries. It is completely pointless to start a fight with the ram because they are the fighters of the zodiac, and their fuel is their pride and aggression.

This fire sign has one of the biggest egos of the zodiac, and when you argue with them, you are literally talking with their ego. This ego will never back down and will take any chance to shut you down, no matter what.

These warriors are here to win the battle, and they can also be quite cruel. As soon as a fight starts, there is nothing that can stop them. This is why they are one of the zodiac signs you should not argue with. Besides this, Aries people have a sharp intellect, and they will use it to destroy your arguments.

If the ram doesn’t like what you say, they will take care of this matter personally, and you will probably regret getting into a fight with them in the first place.

4. Virgo

Who would have guessed that Virgo is among the zodiac signs you should not argue with? It is obvious that the perfectionist Virgo is one fierce sign that will not let you win any argument ever.

They have amazing observational skills, and even more, they are incredibly nitpicky. This is one of the most common traits of Virgos. They will take any small mistake you make and explain to you that it is the worst thing you have ever done. And even more, they will tell you exactly why things are like this because they know and you should know too.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which means they are good with words. They have something to say, and they will always say it. They are not the type to hold themselves back when something is not working according to their plan. If something is not aligned with their will, be sure that you will know, and the best move is to not start an argument.

They are extremely intelligent and always have the best arguments. Even if they are not right, they will manage to convince you that their truth is the real truth. Next time you are in an argument with a Virgo, just let them talk and talk, and once they stop, you can move on with your life. Just sit there, smile, and nod, and then move on.

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5. Libra

They are the symbol of balance and equanimity, but they are also one of the zodiac signs you should not argue with. Why? Because Libras have a secret. They have this survival mechanism that always works in their favor and somehow saves them.

The mechanism helps them to always be nice and presentable because they never show their full power. If you look at a Libra, you might think that they can’t cause any trouble, but this is not true. Stay with them for a while, and you will start to see under this mask. Maybe they will not come yelling at you, but you will notice passive-aggressive behavior.

When you argue with a Libra, you will feel dissatisfied. This happens because if you try to show them that they are in the wrong, the Libra won’t fight. They will act like what you are telling them is not even worth listening to.

This is their most annoying move and will make you feel like you are fighting with a wall. And in this case, the “wall” is the one that wins the fight.

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