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11 Quirky NYC Habits You’ll Develop by Living There

These NYC habits are fun to read! 

Before moving to New York City, most people had preconceived notions about what New Yorkers look like, do, and live like daily. We’ve all witnessed New Yorkers engage in certain stereotypical habits that they somehow assumed they would be spared from once they relocated here, including jaywalking in front of oncoming traffic, dressing all black (which is true), and yelling “I’m walkin’ here” at rude drivers.

But honestly, even if I am not living in NY, I do that all the time when the traffic lights are green for pedestrians and some driver who is in a hurry keeps pushing the honk. Like, seriously?!

And hey, if you are from New York, don’t take this article personally! Our intention isn’t to offend our readers. Now, let’s have some fun and see what NYC habits people develop by simply living there.

NYC habits
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  • Carrying a canvas tote bag

You don’t have to be from New York to walk around with a nice tote bag, but apparently, everybody has one in the city that never sleeps. While they may seem fragile in reality, they can carry pretty heavy things, from groceries to books, and the list can continue. Slip one into your purse or backpack because you never know when you’ll need it!

…oh! And if you’re looking to “blend it” for the next trip to NYC, buy your canvas tote bag from Amazon. They have a plethora of options available, so hurry up and pick your favorite! It cost just $9.95.

  • Ordering takeout

This is probably one of the worst NYC habits you may pick up if you have lived in the city for a long time. It’s convenient, for sure, but ordering takeout can be very expensive for your budget, especially if you’re trying to save some money.

While talking to a couple of New Yorkers, the majority of them said that they were shocked to find out how many people ordered takeout and delivery when they first got there, since you can’t do that without going broke!

However, they are now in the same situation, placing takeaway orders for most days of the week. How the tables turn!

  • Dining later

Eating your dinner at 9 p.m. is a bit late, that’s for sure! But not for NYC citizens. Compared to European countries, for example, New Yorkers are indeed so busy working late hours or exploring everything that NYC has to offer that the schedule changes a bit, and the dinner is also delayed.

Here are the thoughts of a citizen about this subject: This is among the weirdest NYC habits you will pick if you decide to move here. I was shocked when other people told me that this would happen, and eventually, it did. A month later, after moving, I would find myself sitting down to dinner at 9 p.m., and I am still amazed at this. Strange huh?!

  • Walking very fast on the street

Among the quirkiest NYC habits, this stands pretty high on top. Honestly, now, who is in that much of a hurry to almost run on the street? Citizens say that they’re not exactly in a rush; they’re simply walking faster to get somewhere before the rush hour starts or to skip the line at the subway. In a big place like New York City, every minute counts!

  • Taking shoes off at the door

Compared to other NYC habits on the list, this isn’t as quirky as others. This should be a general common-sense rule for everybody! All New Yorkers, regardless of background or culture, remove their shoes at the main door. There’s no turning around once you see how incredibly filthy the streets are. When you go home, it’s a common but less well-known custom in New York City to take off your “train clothes.”

So, never take for granted what you see in the movies: nobody sits on the couch with their shoes on!

NYC habits
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  • Complaining about missing the subway

This may be one of the most overrated NYC habits, but honestly, we all get the struggle. Nobody on this planet wants to miss the subway, especially in the morning when they have to get to the office in time! The fact that there will be another train doesn’t matter.

Those who haven’t lived here may find it bothersome, but that’s because we have no idea when the next one comes up, and chances are it won’t be for a while. And it is frustrating, for sure!

  • Exiting the subway through the emergency exit door

Emergency exit doors are for… well, emergencies, but it is a big crowd of New Yorkers who are in a hurry. Well, this rule might be broken in the blink of an eye. According to the residents, it’s amusing to see foreigners who are unaware of the rule asking if this will set off the alarm. They are genuinely worried about it!

  • Hating Times Square and avoiding its surroundings at all costs!

For tourists, Times Square is a magical place in which every single corner is Instagramable. But not for the citizens! Imagine if you’re in a hurry and a group of people are blocking the way while taking pictures of everything. That’s a no-no!

  • Becoming immune to crazy encounters

This city has its wonders, and if you’ve been there before, you know what we’re talking about. People wearing unusual clothes in the subway or teenagers getting drunk in public buses are very common in NYC. That’s why one of the most common NYC habits people pick if they relocate here is to become immune to everything around them. Not even surprised anymore, said a local. So many things happen here; it’s exactly what you see on the news.

  • Jaywalking is very common

This kind of behavior may seem terrifying to a rookie or outsider, but it soon becomes a routine aspect of your existence as a New Yorker. Why would we wait to cross until the light changes? You will notice yourself moving if there is no approaching traffic on the roadway. There is a saying that goes, Time is money. Well, it’s true!

A local said that not everybody is the same; while there are a lot of folks crossing the street aggressively, others take a couple of steps forward to be ahead of everyone, and when the traffic light turns green, they’ll be ready to cross. This definitely sounds more safe!

  • Refusing to leave the neighborhoods

It’s easy to imagine that living in New York City makes visiting other areas trouble-free, but eventually, you’ll start scheduling your activities based on how far away from the hoods you are, and you won’t bother traveling somewhere on the weekends.
And if you’re fortunate enough to live close to a grocery store, Wow, that’s a plus! If not, you can always order takeout!

Where are you from? Are you still living in your hometown, or have you relocated to a different state or country? Have you developed any unusual habits since moving there? Tell us in the comments.

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