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8 Things About Yourself You Need to Keep Secret 

Keep your mouth shut when it comes to these things!

Some things are better kept private. If you spill the beans on everything about yourself and others, you might be paving the way for other people to use all that information against you at some point. And in many situations, people will have the impression that you are bragging, especially if you only talk about the good parts of your life.

They don’t say silence is golden for no reason. Sometimes, it is important to protect yourself and the ones you love from bad energies and thoughts that you might trigger in other people with your stories. Sure, you can speak about yourself but it pays off to also comply with certain golden rules of silence and keep some things to yourself.

Read on to find out what things you should keep a secret from others, for everyone’s sake.

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  1. Plans for the future

We are so accustomed to telling others about our life plans, and experience great pleasure when describing what is going to happen. But has it ever happened to you to share something with a close person only to see your plan fail shortly afterwards? It’s not necessarily the other person’s fault, but, as experience has shown, plans and dreams should not be told to anyone.

That’s because even people you trust can be envious and jealous of your success. Even if there are no physical actions on their part, their thoughts can materialize and affect your plan in surprising ways. “Allowing a negative person to dictate your emotions gives them too much power,” explains psychotherapist Amy Morin. Moral of the story? Just keep your plans to yourself!

  1. Arguments and conflicts

Some things are better kept private. Like what happens with your family members. Telling others about the number of arguments you have with your life partner and the reasons behind them can turn against you. For one, you put your partner in a bad light, thus, putting yourself in the same spot. People will make a bad impression about your spouse or other family member you are arguing with, solely based on your narrative.

Secondly, the people you love might feel betrayed and disappointed when finding out that you have been badmouthing them in front of other people. What happens in your family, should stay in your family. Sure, it’s good to ask for advice from friends on certain family-related issues, and venting might do you good sometimes. But at the end of the day, filter the information you give and also the opinions of other people.

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  1. Help and benefits

Helping people is nice. However, bragging about it is definitely not a nice thing to do. You might be excited and feel good about doing good deeds, but be careful how you tell this to others. It might seem like you are boasting about what a good person you are and that’s not the point you should be making.

If you’ve done something good that helped others, try curbing your enthusiasm when speaking about it with other people, even if it is to make others aware of those in need. Sharing just a few details or not sharing at all will protect you against negative vibes and thinking.

  1. Successes

It’s normal to feel happy about your successes and wanting to share your good news with someone else. But instead of sharing your positive energy, others might feel jealous and envious on your accomplishments. Some might not believe it, but negative energy can affect your future attempts and accomplishments.

This is why you are better off without telling everyone about your success. Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the good things that happen to you without telling anyone anything or dedicating your success to someone in particular.

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  1. Lies and gossip

“We inherited the genes that predispose us to give special attention to those negative aspects of our environments that could be harmful to us,” says psychologist and happiness researcher Timothy J. Bono, PhD. Gossiping is one tool to harmful environments.

Gossiping and talking about other people is never a good thing. Apart from affecting your reputation, sooner or later, what you said will reach the person you talked about and things will not end up on a good note.

If you have the reputation of a gossiper, people will start avoiding you. So, don’t be that kind of person. Don’t talk about other people, no matter what you think of them. Just mind your own business, keep things in a positive note and positive things will happen to you. The same goes for swearing. Don’t soil your inner world with bad words which only attract negativity.

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  1. Money

Your income should be confidential. If not to save yourself from envious people, then, to protect yourself from dishonest and opportunists, who might want to take advantage of you. Not to mention thieves!

You talking about how much you make can cause unexpected problems and even loss of income. You will attract a sort of negativity that can affect your financial well-being in surprising ways. Therefore, stick to what an old saying promotes: “Money loves silence!”. So, shhh!

  1. Children and health

It’s natural to talk about topics such as your children, your family, your health. However, it is important to talk about everything in a positive light, especially if you are in a circle of strangers. Criticizing your children in front of other people can affect their self-esteem, make them more withdrawn and doubt their self-worth. Children “are likely to listen to what people say and form opinions based on their interactions with others,” says Sanam Hafeez, a New York City neuropsychologist and director of Comprehend the Mind. “Instead, discussing your child’s effort will encourage them to embrace challenges, learn, and explore new things” advises Dr. Sara Huberman Carbone, a pediatric program medical director at One Medical.

When it comes to your health, constantly complaining about not feeling good, will only attract more illness and health problems. What you send into the universe comes right back to you, in various and multiplied forms. So, pay attention to your words and what you allow the universe to hear from you.

  1. Your philosophy towards life

People are different and have the right to believe in different things in life. It is their way to get through life and everyday struggles in one piece.

If you strongly believe in something that brings you relief, satisfaction, energy and whatnot, don’t try to convince other people to do the same. Beliefs are individual, and what works for you might not work for someone else. Besides, no one likes to hear that their life philosophies are wrong and yours are right. Stick to what you believe but don’t try to impose in on others. In this case, as in many other situations, silence is golden.

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