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11 Things You Shouldn’t Say About People’s Bodies

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You look just like a boy

Picking on someone’s gender is not that great. Whether it’s their gender presentation, the way they do their makeup, or simply their haircut, it’s none of your business, and you might end up hurting someone’s feelings.

You didn’t shave? That’s so gross!

We live in different times, and I have to warn you about this. Nowadays, removing body hair isn’t a requirement anymore.

Even if some people might feel great with their hair removed, others prefer nature’s “way”. What’s deeply important to remember in such situations is that your preference is definitely not universal, and if something bothers you about someone else’s appearance, this doesn’t mean that you should make them feel bad about it.

You look exotic. Your lips are so big, they seem African! You have Latin thighs! You don’t look Korean.

It’s worth mentioning that stereotyping and fetishizing someone else’s body depending on their race and ethnicity isn’t okay.

In fact, some might say that it’s even worse if you treat someone’s identity as if you were playing “Guess Who?” and think that every single ethnic group is homogenous enough that you can easily guess someone’s heritage, depending on how they look.

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