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8 Annoying Zodiac Signs That Love Drama

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Pisces aren’t particularly fond of drama either, but just like Cancerians, for some reason or another, people get upset when you suddenly remind them that we’re nothing but a tiny particle in the grand scheme of things.

Truth be told, Pisces do this just because they want what’s best for you, and when they see you living your life peacefully, they feel the need to remind you that you haven’t called your mom this month or that the love of your life is living his or her best life without you.

It’s not really drama, but more of a constant, nonstop melancholy that makes you weep all night long. But Pisces loves that.

It makes them feel alive. If you ever get involved in a dramatic situation with a Pisces, compliment them.

They will start complimenting you, and one thing will lead to another, and you’ll be back in each other’s arms.


If you ever hear Molotov cocktails smashing down a window, people shouting, sirens, and so on and so forth, you should expect to see an Aquarius in the middle of the drama.

And if you’re wondering why it all started, don’t bother asking; I’ll tell you: it was the Aquarius who told a bunch of people that he or she didn’t like them.

The fact that someone tells us they’re not particularly fond of our existence shouldn’t be a problem (in theory), but it’s completely different when an Aquarius says it.

Because you see, they say it in such a way that they kind of convince you that you shouldn’t like yourself either.

It’s truly admirable how they do it. They are extremely picky when it comes to people, and frankly, only a few of us pass the test.

If they ever decide we need to move to another planet and they can’t take all of us, God forbid an Aquarius make the selection! I’m telling you, most of us won’t make it on that ship!

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