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8 Annoying Zodiac Signs That Love Drama

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Capricorns are the last zodiac signs that love drama, but just like Arieses, they cause it. But just to make things clear, no, you won’t see a Capricorn in the middle of the drama because they’ll be long gone until then.

However, after the dust settles, you might realize that it all started with something they said, and it’s usually, if not always, about work or money.

Capricorns will look you dead in the eye and ask you if you feel like you’ve done everything you could to be the best.

And really now, how many of us could easily say “yes”? They have these high standards set for themselves and for everybody else, and everything that goes outside those standards is not for them. Don’t worry; most of the time, they can’t reach those standards either!


Libras don’t love drama, don’t seek drama, and don’t wish for it. But you might spot a Libra in the middle of a fight, trying to fix things.

To make things right, you know. They’re all about justice, so even if they’re not into it, somehow they manage to get involved.

Poor things; they really haven’t learned that these things only happen in the movies. The kind of justice that they strive for is truly admirable, but in most cases, it’s also completely unattainable.

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