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8 Annoying Zodiac Signs That Love Drama

zodiac signs who are control freaks drama
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It’s not like Cancerians love drama, but they’re simply blind to all the signs that would foresee it.

You see, they have this stupid habit of actually liking you even if you’re basically unworthy. In some cases, it turns out that they are right and that you were worth their time, energy, and love.

But in other cases, boy, oh boy! Cancerians are probably those people who simply woke up in the middle of drama, because where there is love, there is also drama, especially if people have been skipping those therapy sessions.

You know what I’m saying? So unfortunately, they end up pretty high on this list because, Cancerians, you need to understand this: yes, love does take you places, including your therapist’s office.


People who are born in Aries aren’t particularly fond of drama; they just love to cause it. The thing with Aries is that they’re all about peace and love until they get bored.

Then, they tend to stir up a little drama just to remind themselves that they’re alive. You know, the usual stuff that someone would do when they’re bored.

Why bother picking up a book or, I don’t know, cooking something delicious when you can make your own reality TV?

Just look at Kourtney Kardashian and how boring The Kardashians have become the minute Kourtney minds her own business. It’s unfair. We need drama in our lives, and Arieses know this. In fact, they count on it.

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