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8 Annoying Zodiac Signs That Love Drama

Image By TotallypicRF From Enavto Elements


Leo loves the theater, the scene, the lights, and especially the clout! Leos are born to be the main characters in their and everyone else’s lives.

They just can’t help it. If someone draws more attention to them, it’s a problem. They need to be immediately removed from the spotlight. When they’ve got nothing on their sleeve, they might become a bit dramatic.

You see, the whole purpose is to turn heads and make a shocking appearance. So if being assertive and unproblematic won’t work, they don’t have any problem relying on a little bit of drama. Anyway, it’s not like they can’t handle it, so why not?


For one reason or another, Scorpios have earned a bad reputation. I personally can’t understand why.

I mean, just because someone still believes in the same principles as Lord Byron, and if they could, they would turn back in time to when the Titanic sank and drowned both Jack and Rose, just because life isn’t worth living if your soulmate isn’t there, doesn’t mean they’re bad people.

If you’re wondering why a Scorpio would drown Rose and Jack instead of saving them, here’s the thing: Rose didn’t even consider scooting a little bit to make room for Jack, too, and Scorpios don’t forget this kind of stuff.

They’re a bit vindictive, you see. But nothing to be afraid of. But back to serious business: yes, Scorpios love drama, but only because they can actually handle it.

So if you know you’re a bit hard to get along with or, I don’t know, difficult in any way, trust me, Scorpios will love you even more. They’re always looking for gems in places you’ve never thought of.

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