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12 Signs Someone Is a Backstabber And You Might Be Their Next Victim

Run as fast as you can if you see these signs of a backstabber!

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where everyone is nice, honest and reliable? The sad reality is that some people would do just about anything to get what they want, having no problem throwing you under the bus (figuratively speaking) if that serves their purpose. Their name: backstabbers!

It can sometimes be difficult to identify such people, as many of them hide behind well-trained behaviors and masks. However, there are signs that give them away. Read on to find out what the most common signs of a backstabber are and how to stay as far away from them as possible.

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  1. They usually involve a third person

Sometimes, a problem requires some outside help, someone with a more objective perspective. You can ask for a third party’s help when you are unable to not put things through your personal filter.

However, this can also be a manipulation tactic. Pay attention if someone constantly asks for another person’s intervention to solve an issue. They might be presenting their point of view first to already put a story in their heads. One in which you, most likely, are the villain.

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  1. They constantly gossip about other people

We may not like it, but gossiping seems to have turned into a national sport. The worse part is that is has become so normal, that, we are somehow required to accept that it’s perfectly okay for people to talk behind one’s another’s backs. Just look at how celebrities are being scrutinized and judged for every aspect of their lives.

But gossiping can have huge consequences on one’s personal and professional life. A person that gossips, has no issue spreading misinformation and even lies about other people, including you. After all, you know what they say: if they gossip with you, they gossip about you as well.

So, be wary of people that always talk being other people’s backs. They cannot be trusted and would have no problem stabbing you in the back.

  1. They are never transparent

A transparent person is someone with nothing to hide. People who tell the truth speak directly and clearly, no ambiguities. On the other hand, those who do not want to tell you the truth will give you ambiguous replies, not give you all the details or evade your questions.

This is a widely used technique by manipulative people, to present their point of view alone and control the story to their advantage. A person who cares about you will be open to discussing all sorts of things with you so that you can make the best decisions.

  1. They never take responsibility

Sadly, there are many people in this world, and even in one’s close circle who cannot, or do not want to take responsibility for their actions. They are constantly blaming other people, regardless of their direct or indirect contribution to the general outcome. They are always trying to twist things so that they can walk away clean and blame someone else…maybe even you.

Backstabbing you in the back? No problem, as long as they can get away with it and keep their good image. These people will also have no issue taking credit for other people’s work. Next time, it could be you that’s thrown under the bus, so, better stay away from such people!

  1. They show unexplained resentment

Some people, no matter the circumstances, are extremely jealous of everyone and everything. To somehow “justify” their jealousy, they’ll spread all sorts of rumors, gossip and try to sabotage others every chance they get.

If you know people who are always gossiping and feeling envious, it might be better to avoid them. Next time, their spiteful arrows might be directed at you.

  1. They are manipulative

Backstabbers rely on manipulation on a daily basis. To them it’s as common as breathing. In many cases, they use manipulative tactics to sow dissension between people so that they are not in the spotlight. This hiding allows them to manipulate the situation to their benefit.

Backstabbers also avoid telling the entire story, withholding information so that the narrative is presented only from their perspective. In many cases, they present themselves as the positive characters of the story.

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  1. They sabotage others

Good people do not make it their purpose to ruin other people’s lives. Backstabbers have no problem doing it if it’s in their favor. In a professional environment, a backstabber might undermine a colleague’s work, talk behind their back, spread rumors about them to destroy their reputation. The intention might be to prevent them from obtaining a promotion or even getting them fired.

When it comes to one’s personal life, a backstabber might gossip about someone to ruin their relationship with other people. By manipulating, offering bad ill-intended advice, misleading others, they will try to make you the bad person, on each and every occasion.

Sometimes, people have good intentions but their advice is just bad, given that they are not in your situation. However, if someone is constantly telling you all the wrong things, just take it as a warning sign to stay away from that person.

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  1. They offer insincere flattery

It’s always nice to receive compliments. Granted they are honest and come from the heart. However, fake compliments are a manipulation tactic meant to make the other person lower their guard. When caught off guard, you are less likely to retaliate.

A backstabber will use all sorts of compliments and excessive flattery to make praise someone, often making them feel uncomfortable. Sincere compliments would sound like this: “You did great!, “You are an excellent speaker/driver” etc.. Excessive and fake flattery is random and goes on and on and on.

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  1. They are highly competitive

A little competition never hurt nobody. In both personal and professional life, being competitive can come with great satisfaction. However, some people are just too competitive for their own sake, or better said, for the sake of other people. When they go to extreme lengths to win everything, even at the cost of harming other people, then competition is no longer fun and challenging. People who manipulate and backstab others, use the excuse of being competitive to justify their bad behavior. As they see it, if they manipulate and talk badly behind your back, it’s your fault for not being a strong competitor, not theirs. In reality, competition is not about that!

  1. Their actions are inconsistent

An insincere person cannot keep acting forever. Therefore, you might notice a backstabber being friendly with someone, only to start gossiping about them the minute they turn their backs on them.

Depending on the group of people they are talking with, they switch their behavior like having a switch button. One moment they are on your side, the next minute they have switched sides, depending on the personal gains they want to obtain.

Their narratives are often inconsistent, changing details depending on the group they are interacting with. If you hear someone telling different versions of the same story, you might want to stay away from them as you don’t know where their loyalties lie on that day.

  1. They exclude others

Someone who feels good when excluding others from a group or trying to manipulate people into isolating themselves from others is not a good person. If you don’t receive any invitations to neighborhood parties or events, or meetings at work, it might be that someone is sabotaging you. They are either spreading rumors about you or manipulating others into seeing you in a negative light.

  1. They are happy if other people are not

When a person is going through something bad, it’s normal and humane to feel sorry for them. Someone who feels nothing when seeing others suffering, and even relishes in their misfortune, will have no problem backstabbing you, if there’s something it in for them.

With close to zero empathy, it doesn’t really matter to them who gets hurt. More than that, they might even like seeing other people suffering. If you can, stay away from this type of people. Sooner or later, it will be you they will enjoy seeing in pain.

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