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3 Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

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Libra: Gossip, Snobbery & Detachment

The nicest people in the zodiac are Libras. They are the world’s relationship gurus who are socialites and social butterflies. The toxic side of Libra, on the other hand, focuses on what they are ready to do to maintain their reputation and good status.

Although Libras are recognized for their diplomatic skills and laid-back attitude, that doesn’t imply they don’t know how to play their cards. They are masters at forming alliances and friends, but they are also masters at forging fierce rivals.

The natives of this sign can be spiteful and backstabbing. Many times, they take great pleasure in controlling those around them. Libras may be fascinating allies if you get on their good side. But be careful not to cross it. In their pursuit of vengeance, they are sometimes icy and ruthless.

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