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3 Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

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Taurus: Possessive, Greedy & Stubborn

Taureans have a tendency to be quite rigid and do not grasp flexibility. Their unwillingness to ever admit their mistakes is by far their biggest flaw.

They can sometimes be greedy, taking more than they deserve, and their desire for material security can put others at risk. It’s true that the bulls have a reputation for being generous, but at times they can become manipulative, taking advantage of people for their own gain. Their love of pleasure might cause them to overindulge in excesses that occasionally get the better of them, and this greed tends to extend to food as well. 

However, the love of the good things in life that Taurus has is a trait that comes with a positive side. They enjoy life at its best, and their love of the better things can make them generous and dedicated lovers.

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