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3 Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius: Apathy, Selfishness & Pessimism

A defender of the people, Aquarius is praised for his humanitarianism. They are modern and forward-looking. Ironically, though, their thinking is tainted by stubbornness and narrow minded elements. While they can be incredibly outspoken and forceful when promoting a larger-scale cause or goal, they can also be shockingly oblivious to the more immediate conflicts.

They frequently ignore the more personal and intimate feelings of people because they are too obsessed with their position as a distant visionary of change. Furthermore, due to their strong sense of independence and sovereignty, Aquarians frequently disregard their commitments to others in order to pursue their own goals. In the end, they strive to be authentic ,even if that means betraying loyalty to another person or group. 

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