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3 Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarius: Tactlessness, Procrastination & Flightiness

The most toxic trait of a Sagittarius is that they use provocative actions and language to provoke a reaction from others. Sagittarius are known for their ruthless honesty, which is frequently delivered in a humorous way. 

Sometimes this can be useful, for example, when you finally receive some good criticism that will help you, but other times it can have major downsides. Sagittarius tend to say whatever is on their mind without considering how it may affect the other person, not everybody is able to deal with the cold hard truth.

Natives of this sign end up frequently feeling caged and in a need of escaping various situations. This applies to jobs, relationships, and many other areas of their life. All this running around can become tiring, and they should find a safe space to take a breath and reflect on how to balance themselves. 

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