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3 Toxic Traits of Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Self-Centered, Restless & Moody

Aries are, at their worst, impulsive and headstrong. They are inclined to put themselves first rather than others. Narcissism and the urge to think highly of oneself are the most toxic traits of Aries. Their rebellious instincts may make them quite harsh and harmful in social situations, despite the fact that they can make excellent and admirable leaders. 

When they get angry, Aries may be rather snobbish and self-righteous, only thinking about how it would affect them personally. They are passionate about living their lives, yet they might get angry very easily when their goals are denied. 

Aries is one of the three Fire signs, and it is the one that burns people who don’t know how to take them. Simply said, those born under this sign stress more easily than others do.

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