7 Subtle Signs of Jealous Neighbors That Should Alarm You

jealous neighbor
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3. They imitate you

According to psychology and research in the field, when one person imitates another, this is a clear sign that they like them. Behavior like this has been accepted for a long time as a sign of flattery, but this is not always the case.

When you are dealing with jealous neighbors, if they start imitating you, this can indicate that they consider you a threat and copy you because they aim to be more like you. Now, if we get back to the first theory, it’s not that they don’t like you. They want to be you, but for this to happen, they have to do something to take your place.

And sometimes they will start to imitate all the things you do. Do you have a new pool? Surprise! They’ve just started building a pool in their yard, and they always insist on telling you that their pool will be so much better than yours.

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