7 Subtle Signs of Jealous Neighbors That Should Alarm You

jealous neighbor
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1. Complaining about everything you do

As we already said, these jealous neighbors feel threatened by your achievements, and because of this, they will never agree with anything that you say or do. Now, if you are the type of neighbor that never cleans up after their dog or blasts their music so anyone can hear it from miles away, we get it; you are a bad neighbor, and it is obvious that the other neighbors will complain about you.

But if you are not doing anything like this and they are still complaining about you, this might be a clear sign that you have jealous neighbors. Why would they be picking holes in you if there is nothing wrong? They seem to be bothered by everything you do. The sound your car is making when you start it, they hate it. Is your dog barking? Too bad; they hate this too. And so on and so forth – you’ve got the idea.

It is like they are just looking for an excuse so they can be mean to you.

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