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7 Subtle Signs of Jealous Neighbors That Should Alarm You

jealous neighbor
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6. They are happy about your failures

We know that jealous neighbors won’t probably openly tell you that they are happy because you failed, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t expressing this in more subtle ways. There are many ways someone can celebrate your failure.

Maybe every time you talk to them, they bring up that one time when things didn’t work out for you. More than that, maybe they enjoy discussing things like these when others are around to hear them.

Remember that one time when you bought some new sprinklers, but unfortunately, you installed them the wrong way and managed to floor your whole yard? When that happened, your next-door neighbor seemed to be in an excellent mood.

If you notice that your neighbors change their mood when you are having a low time in your life, you might be dealing with some jealous neighbors.

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  1. What advice do you have about jealous inlaws? Son’s wife and her mother constantly picking at me I try to be friends but they make it difficult with the constant negativity

  2. I am retired now, but many years ago when I was working in an office I had a hobby making some crafts, which I made a bit of money selling to my fellow employees. Everyone loved my handmade crafts–but strangely, no one in my department ever bought anything, even though I made some refrigerator magnets for only 99 cents! I could sense they were jealous. However, I always got compliments and praises from the “big shots” in my company, because I think they did not feel threatened, as were my peers who gave me the cold shoulder. So I got along much better with the “higher ups.” And when I sewed myself an outfit and wore it at work, the lesser employees were anxious to point out any flaws in my sewing. They seemed to enjoy putting me down–creepy! I was a single girl and could not afford to buy many clothes, so I sewed. When others outside my department gave me a compliment on my sewing, they seemed grieved. It was creepy. Sorry to be rambling on so much, but it really bothered me. Thanks for reading this. I think it is THEIR PROBLEM, not mine, now that I reflect on this. So don’t let these creeps bother you.

  3. I have a very jealous sister in law. When I would try to talk to her she would ignore me. I even asked her to be in my wedding she refused.she even turned her kids against me and one of her good friends. And I don’t even know her friend for her to hate me. And all this because of jealousy.

  4. I don’t have jealous neighbors but I’ve had some ‘friends’ or though I believed were friends do these exact same things to me. It hurt beyond measure, but we all live and learn!

  5. Honestly, I could never do anything right for them. BUT when I had a skylight crash and didn’t have the cash but paid for it with a painting… the only part of this they LOVED is that I didn’t have the money. No credit for how I paid for it. THEN slowly… the wife said that she painted too and we could paint together. NO THANK YOU.

    I learned the hard way and I don’t look back.

  6. Baby, I have been fighting that green-eyed monster for at least 10 years. It has been different groups, even Church members. I think that the Church Members are feeding from others because I am not around them except on Sunday. I have learned to adapt and keep moving forward.

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