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8 Signs You Date Someone Who’s Toxic

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5. They always blame you

…even if they’re the ones who caused the problem!

If you fight with your significant other because of something they did and they don’t acknowledge it and say that it’s only your fault, that’s a warning sign.

Experts say that always playing the victim card can be defined as “scapegoating,”  which means that a person transfers their difficulties onto someone else, allowing them to feel guilt and shame when they were not the root of the problem.

We know that it’s not something you want to experiment with, so pay attention to the way your partner acts around you because people who play the victim card will blame their significant others for their unhappiness.

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  1. I said I was never oin to fall in love aain after my ex but I chaned my mind because there are nice women that are not jealous and in common with.

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