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8 Signs You Date Someone Who’s Toxic

toxic relationship
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Toxic relationships are marked by one person trying to control the other and making them doubt their own worth or value.

However, all connections are open to personal interpretation, and things might be different from one to another, so there isn’t a definition that applies to every single couple out there.

But here’s where things get complicated: toxicity in relationships is given by the fact that it might be difficult to recognize when you’re in one. Experts call this “having relationship blinders on,” and we think that many people can relate to that.

When you add in all the sensations and emotions, it might be easy to lose sight of how poisonous the situation really is. This is particularly true if others have pointed out issues in your relationship that you have failed to see.

But not anymore! Is your partner toxic? Click on the next page to find out!

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  1. I said I was never oin to fall in love aain after my ex but I chaned my mind because there are nice women that are not jealous and in common with.

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