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8 Signs You Date Someone Who’s Toxic

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7. They control you

Therapists believe that when it comes to unfortunate relationships, the person who is considered toxic will often want to isolate the “victim” so that they might exert more control over them.

For instance, you might have repeatedly told your significant other that you have plans with your friends on a specific night, but they keep telling you that they want to surprise you with something special that night.

They’re not telling you that they want you to stay home and spend time with them that night, but they actually suggest that it would be better if you would cancel your plans.

…The next sign on our list is one that makes you feel sad and insecure!

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  1. I said I was never oin to fall in love aain after my ex but I chaned my mind because there are nice women that are not jealous and in common with.

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