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8 Signs You Date Someone Who’s Toxic

toxic relationship
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1. You always come up with excuses for their behavior

One of the worst things that can happen between the members of a couple is when one of them starts treating the other one badly, but that person still loves them and comes up with all sorts of excuses for them.

Oh, they’ve been on social media all day but haven’t contacted you once? They are just pretty busy at the moment; no big deal. But deep down, you know that there’s something wrong!

They missed your special day! Understandable, you might say because they had a lot going on. Well, it doesn’t matter! They should’ve been there for you!

Oh, so they shouted and slurred at you. It was a busy day at the office for them, so you have to understand them one more time.

If this sounds familiar, experts think it’s a great indication that your relationship is not that solid and happy.

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  1. I said I was never oin to fall in love aain after my ex but I chaned my mind because there are nice women that are not jealous and in common with.

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