8 Classic Traits of a Narcissist

Photo by Andrey_Popov from shutterstock.com

#2 Constantly Demanding Attention and Validation

One of the most popular traits of narcissists is their constant demand for attention. This is usually portrayed as this one person who stands in the center of a group and everybody listens to what they are saying, like it’s the most important thing in the world.

But this is not often the case. This constant quest to get your attention might manifest as chasing you around the apartment, asking you to find a random book they have lost, or talking to you nonstop in order to get your attention.

A narcissist only considers validation when it comes from other people. Even so, it makes little difference. The urge for affirmation in narcissists acts like a pipe. You pour out encouraging words, and they simply run through the other side and disappear into the void. 

When there isn’t a constant flow of praise and admiration to keep a narcissist’s sense of superiority inflated, they begin to feel kind of uneasy. It’s not enough to receive compliments occasionally. Narcissists seek out those who will feed their compulsive need for affirmation because they require ongoing fuel for their ego.

These connections tend to be rather one-sided. The focus is always on what the “admirer” can do for the narcissist rather than the other way around. What can you provide for them? Additionally, the narcissist views any interruption in the admirer’s focus or decrease in their admiration as a betrayal.


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