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6 Common Deathbed Regrets You Don’t Want to Have

Have you ever wondered what the common deathbed regrets people have that could also plague you in your last moments?

We are all aware that at some point or another, we will be leaving this world. But can you minimize those deathbed regrets that most end up having when they are close to their demise?

It may seem a bit morbid, but you cannot know when your time will come, and when you think about it, there is a lot that we can learn from people who have gone before us. A lot of people end up being close to passing, and they both reminisce about their lives, but more often than not, they end up being plagued with the idea that there are a lot of things they would have done differently.

Deathbed regrets are not new, but when people end up thinking back about their lives, it is often that these end up weighing them down. There is nothing they can do when it comes to fixing their lives, but their regrets can help us know what we should be focusing on.

With the golden years knocking on our door or already being present, it is good to see what people regret and what we could learn and do differently from their stories. Maybe that way we can avoid having the same deathbed regrets that others had!

Are you curious? Keep reading to discover what people end up regretting in their last moments!

Have you ever thought about this? Is there something you regret that we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments down below!

common deathbed regrets
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They wished they spent more time with loved ones, instead of working!

Yes, too much work is one of the most common deathbed regrets that people mention. While the situation cannot be helped in certain cases, there are also people who have made the choice to work more than needed, and in turn, they have missed out on important moments in their family’s lives: their children’s important moments, meals with family, outings with friends, etc.

Some people are excellent providers for their families and make sure they bring in the money so they can live a comfortable life, but some also choose work over family way too often. Some regret this choice when their time is near because they never got to bond with their children and they lost the close connection with their family.

Keep in mind that choosing work over your loved ones (when you have that choice) is not good in the long run, and you may regret it. You may have a few years until you retire; make sure that your company understands work-life balance and that you do not place too much importance on work as opposed to your loved ones. You will find that this specific deathbed regret may avoid you if you do that!

They wished they showed their love more often!

Another common regret is that they did not show how much they cared for those they deemed important. Making sure they are cared for and provided for is easy to do, but you should never expect people to just know how much you appreciate them.

Your love language may be to show your affection rather than tell, but you should also go over your fear of expressing your feelings. People often regret not being there more often for those they love, not showing they care or understand them. They wish they said “I love you” more to them before they passed or as they felt their own end was near.

This is one of those regrets that is easy to make right: write a letter or an email, call those you love, and know that it is never too late to show your affection. Everyone will love that!

common deathbed regrets
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They wish they were a better spouse, child, or parent!

Taking people for granted is another deathbed regret that many of us feel, even before we are soon to pass. Your family may not be perfect, and you may have disagreements with some of them, but when the time is near, it is more often than not your family that will rise to the task of taking care of you.

Make sure you tell your kids how much you love them, your spouse that you appreciate them, and how much you value living beside them. If your parents are still around, make sure they know you love them.

Sure, some family members do not deserve your grace or forgiveness, but for those who do, know that your effort to appreciate them is noted. And it will save you from being regretful on your deathbed!

They wish they didn’t always play it safe!

Going away from the topic of family, it is okay to be selfish sometimes. A lot of people regret that they did not take more chances and that playing it safe may have been okay, but they truly wanted to go against the grain sometimes.

Taking calculated risks is not a bad thing to do, and a lot of people regret just conforming to what others thought was best.

Think about all you ever wanted to do and write it down. For you, there may still be time to experience at least some of them, and you will be thankful to have given yourself the chance to experience life and be happy! Believe us, this is one regret you can easily learn from and apply to your own life!

A lot of the risks people regret not taking have something to do with their hobbies or things they have wanted to try but were scared to do. If you are looking to be more adventurous, in retirement or otherwise, make sure you check out this book on all the fun things you could do!

common deathbed regrets
Image By Bignai From Shutterstock

They wish they helped others more!

A lot of us are compassionate and kind, but not a lot of us pay too much attention to those around us. A common regret we see expressed is that of not paying more attention to others, of focusing on acts of service, and of extending that care that they knew they were capable of.

You may not think more about them now, but a lot of people on their deathbeds wish they volunteered more, that they went and spent a day at a soup kitchen, and that they donated their time or expertise to help others. You may not think it matters now, but one day out of your schedule, some money or clothes you donated may make a world of difference.

Do not let this regret become a reality, and if you have been thinking of volunteering, start doing it now! It’s worth it.

They wish they paid more attention to their health!

Health regrets are often seen when people are ill or know they are close to dying. You may think that you will have time to fix your health when you are older, but the truth is that if you have prevented certain health issues, you will not have much to fix when you are old!

You need to pay attention to your health and well-being so that, in old age, you do not have to spend all your time going to the doctor or fixing your health. This regret is so oftentimes seen that self-care is not just a buzzword but a way of life!

Make time in your schedule to relax, to go on a walk, and to check on that phantom pain when it appears. You will thank yourself when you are older!

If you have recently lost a loved one or you feel like someone close to you is around, despite them having left us, know that you are not losing it! Sometimes loved ones come back to visit us despite having left the land of the living. If you are not sure that you are being visited by them, make sure that you read all about the best-known signs that a deceased loved one is still with you!

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