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9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Still With You

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Do you sometimes feel like you are not alone despite a loved one being deceased?

Having someone close to us, be it a family member or a friend, pass away is always something hard to go through. Especially since we care deeply about our loved ones and the grief that follows after all of the funeral formalities is sometimes difficult to bear. It is, unfortunately, part of the cycle of life, and we can only try to move on and keep them in our memory.

However, it is sometimes the case that the spirit of our loved ones comes to visit us and leaves us with signs that they are around. There are countless types of signs that people talk about having experienced, and some sound more credible than others.

From being able to catch their unique smell and feeling someone coming inside the room all the way to the more tangible signs, we have gathered the most common ways to tell that a deceased loved one came to pay you a visit!

Have you ever experienced the visit of someone who has passed away? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The day after my mother died, I was just standing in the living room of my parents’ house in the middle of the day, and my mother hugged me from behind. Another time after I had put one of my many dogs down, I kept hearing his tags jingling down the hall. I have a friend who recently lost other husband, and she said when she was in bed one night, the covers lifted, and she felt her husbands leg next to hers.

    1. My husband passed early morning after daybreak. After going to bed that night I physically felt the distinct impression of someone get in the bed on the other side! My husband worked the afternoon shift at his place of employment. I was sure it was him, coming to bed after returning home from saying his goodbyes!

      1. My cousin told me we see signs when they haven’t realized yet that they are passed. My husband died in October of 2023 and I have seen a couple of apparitions. We have three cats and his favorite was acting funny for quite awhile after he died. I believe he was letting this cat know he was still around. I thought I have seen things like shadows, but no voices, etc. I hope he is at peace and happy now.

    2. My parents and sibling has passed 😢
      I’m always wondering why I haven’t had them signs. I have no family besides my own children. Is it fair to say maybe they were all upset with me ? I’ve lost my parents, my only sibling, brother and my daughter. I have only dreamed of my mother one time. Never nothing else.
      I hurt bad because of it. I cry alot because of it. If someone could tell me anything, please do…… In Need knowing 💔💔💔

  2. Yes I’ve had that experience. 1968 I was in Khe Sanh during the 77 day seige during the Tet offensive. We were on hill 881 south and unable to be resupplied food or water or ammunition. We went 9 days without any food or water. Things were getting desperate, supply helicopters were being shot down or fog prevented them to resupply us. My Father had died 6 yrs earlier when I was 14. Now at 18 I was reassured in a dream that my Dad came to me and told me not to worry, I would be safe and we would be all right. I woke up the 9th morning of having nothing to eat or drink and wasn’t thirsty nor hungry. We did finally get supplies that day. It gave me peace of mind and I was totally fine with my remainder of my tour. I know it may sound silly but I know my Dad came to me.

    1. I have sons the age you were. I can’t imagine them being in a hell like that. I’m sorry you had to endure that. Thank you for serving our country and going through hell for all of us back home.

    2. My husband, Larry Dobson , was a tank commander at Khe Sahn. He called it 77 days of Hell. Glad you survived, and are still with us. The first Christmas after he died I went upstairs to get away from the crowd and smoke a cigarette, and the light bulb above my head started blinking on and off. I’m sure it was him. Semper Fi!

  3. I don’t believe the dead knows what the living is doing nor the living knows what the dead is doing, per the BIBLE. Our loved ones will forever live in our hearts and we will always carry them. So it’s natural to have that sense and feeling they are around us.

    1. You’re living in denial!!!! My partner died and a few days later the glass that I always used to give him a green vegetable drink…. I never close my dish washer during the middle of the night the glass somehow fell to the ground witch woke me up so I went to see what happened and found the glass which was on the floor sitting the right way and not even a crack…. periodically I get signs like 2 weeks ago I had a fork on the counter during the night I hear something fall so I went to check it out and found the fork on the kitchen floor I have had so many weird things happen and I still feel he is with me…

          1. There are ghosts. I was sitting with my husband on the couch and one of our cats was sitting on the bench facing us. He suddenly was having trouble like something was pushing him off. He was looking at us like “what is going on”? He looked like he was pushed off sideways. After he was on the ground he was looking up at something. There is a spook in this house and I have heard him talk once in awhile.. As long as he doesn’t show himself and leaves me and my cats alone, I am okay with it.

      1. Some people think that the only spiritual things are what the Bible teaches. Christianity shows so much judgement about other beliefs. I believe that the dead along with God come to comfort us. I have heard too many stories and experienced some situations myself so I believe that it happens-whether it is God’s comfort or the comfort of the deceased loved one-it is real.

      2. My precious Kiwi had to be pit down 3 months before my husbands’ passing. One night getting into bed i heard the jingle if her collar & her scent from the groomer. Still waiting for my husband 😢

      3. Please make use you don’t have an unwanted visitor living in your basement or attic, these are people that are dwellers in people’s homes, getting things when they are not at home are sleeping, the thrill is to listen in on your conversations and mess with your head. Check your house out through and through!

    2. I don’t believe you, Ann, as a woman, have the authority to preach to anyone about the word of God, “per the BIBLE.”
      Brush up on your first and second Timothys and shush it. It is not your place to speak to a congregation of one, let alone potentially thousands of people.

    3. Anyone who passed before us who is connected deeply to us absolutely knows what we are doing – we have no ability to imagine The Other Side – but they are alive there and definitely watching us and trying to help us –

    4. I learned at age 4 there was life after death, and the spirits communicated with us. No not all Demons, but yes those walk among us and we have to be careful. I know what the Bible says on this matter, but it’s an area of the Bible that I don’t agree with. Was that in red letter writing? My mom and my animals are mostly around me. I have hundreds of pictures of my late Service Dog still around everyday by my side, going everywhere with me. I hear her, see her too with my own eyes as well, though not so good. And no, my mom and animals aren’t earthbound or in between worlds, they are in Heaven.

  4. Yes I have . My husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago. About one month after he passed we could smell his cologne in our bedroom like if he had just put it on. I dream him a lot and my sister that passed 8 years ago. They are so real.
    Recently I experienced something out of the ordinary. I was home alone and I live in a two story home. All our decorations are still up. I have several villages that I put out. I had not done this since my husband passed. On the table with one of the villages I put a Santa riding his carriage with little rain deer . It also plays music. I didn’t wind it but all of a sudden it starts playing the music. I was upstairs in my room, opened the door and sure enough the music was playing. I went back in my room. It continued to play for about 10 minutes, stopped and then started again! I really don’t know what to make of it. There is no logical explanation other than my husband came to say hi. He knew how special Christmas is for me and how I enjoy putting my villages out. Any comment?

    1. My fiancé inherited his mother’s house. He was divorced for many years and let the house fall into disrepair, particularly the inside. Shortly after I met him, I started to help him bring the house back to a livable state. During that initial period a music box of his mother’s that hadn’t worked for 20 years began to play, on its own. I am sure she was voicing her approval to him as she ran a tight ship when she was alive and it must have hurt her to see the wreckage for that decade or so.

    2. My husband wore Stetson cologne since I met him many years ago. I am waiting to smell that. I keep his used cologne in the medine cabinet. The biggest sign was in October of 2023 when he passed. I was in the house for three days and only went out to throw garbage out and get the mail. I finally had to go to the local store and as soon as I turned on the radio this song “Linger” by the Cranberries came on the radio. I never heard this song before but the melody was beautiful against the changing leaves. I listened to the lyrics and wrote them down to find out the name of the song. I play it everyday now and I think of him. This group is from the 80’s I believe and they are from Ireland. It is on my play list. I feel this was a sign from him that he is here. We both loved listening to music.


  6. My former died as result of motorcycle accident. He was 2.5 yrs persistent vegetative. At his funeral I was outside church watching pallbearers carry casket to hearse. After he was loaded up I saw an Indian Motorcycle Scout coming around the corner in front of church. Indian Motorcycle is where he and I met. <3

  7. The Bible say The living know they will die, the dead know nothing. This is the inspired Word of GOD. There are fallen angels whose intent is to deceive and mislead those who doubt the word of God to separate them from GOD. LORD help them to choose YOU!! In Jesus’ name Amen.

    1. The word of God in my belief is biased at best. It is filled with stories that
      Were handed down by word of mouth and changed with each telling. How anyone knows for sure that the dead “know nothing”. There are conmen ( or women) that run scams. These are some ministers, priests, and pastors that run them also. . That being said if you believe that Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his followers, that in itself is an example of the appearance of a person that was declared dead being able to communicate with the living. “These things that I do, you can do also”

    2. Matthew 17:2 states that Jesus “was transfigured before them; his face shining as the sun, and his garments became white as the light.” At that point the prophet Elijah representing the prophets and Moses representing the Law appear and Jesus begins to talk to them. Both of them were also dead and this also is the “inspred word of God”

      1. This is true. Peter even offered to prepare dwellings for Elijah and Moses. Why would Peter do that if the dead cannot appear to the living?
        There are so many things in the Bible that people misconstrue and they use their ignorance as an excuse to talk down to or disparage others. I’m pretty sure that’s not the attitude Jesus had hoped to cultivate in his followers.

    3. Blind teachings. Inspired. Please you are judging the beliefs of others. Religious hypocrisy is around us. Beware of some of these teachings. They pick and choose what they want to believe. Organized Religion has screwed up our world. You can believe in God or a higher power without choosing nonsense.

  8. My dad passed away when my kids are 3 and 7 years old and my mom followed not long after that .my sisters and brothers when we get together we talk about our parents are still with us ,we can feel their presence and my niece and my youngest sister can see them .my daughter is 44 years old and my father still visit her if she forget to go and visit him on his birthday and death daughter is the only one left now that is still to where my father is brothers and sisters move to another that we are all getting old we are trying to stay close

  9. For the past several years I have been dreaming dreams that include my deceased mother and brother – sometimes together in the dream. Never my father. The dreams take place in an apartment that I grew up in – I can visualize the exact details of the rooms. My brothers dreams are usually upsetting due to the sexual nature of them, while Mom’s deal with disorganized house – which was never like her! Almost every night I have these dreams!

    1. You need 2 talk to someone about those dreams. And get and interpretation about them. The events that take place in those dreams.

  10. Being touched on my back , (left side above my belt line) , i turned around to see who was behind me and there was nobody there. I was bowling on a league and I felt she had touched me as I was waiting to bowl again. It was on her 1 year anniversary (to the day) of her crossing over. Also, a song on the radio a week prior to that, touched my heart and brought tears. I used to drive and put my hand on her side of the car and she would hold my hand when she was alive. Now I put my hand over there when nobody is there and visualize her holding it. The song was from Celine Dion called the Power of Love telling me when I reached for her she was there.

  11. Very nice topic! As a suggestion read all books by Allan Kardec, a French philosopher (1800’s) who talks about those experiences with our loved ones who have passed and are now in spirit, living in the spirit realm. “The Spirit’s Book” talks about us as spirits living there. Hope it will be helpful.


  13. I have had just about all these experiences at one time or another..Though the feeling of someone left me unnerved and sent chills down my back..I believe it was one of my parents. I have experienced the lights go off and on like the light bulb was getting ready to die but it hasn’t happened yet…It’s comforting to me to know that my love ones are near and watching over me…I’m still looking for an article that has recently disappeared..

  14. I’ve seen enough signs – which I won’t go into here, too long – that I believe people are not just ‘gone’ after they die. I’ve gotten signs from my father, mom and sister that could not have been just coincidences.

    1. They are Godwinks, my dear. My husband passed just six months ago; between myself and my two children, we have had numerous Godwinks….way too many and too often just to be coincidence.

  15. yes. all the time.
    my neice sends me rainbows.
    my grandfathers animals.
    my parents have a beautiful family of cardinals all over my yard.
    music, feathers and coins have graced my paths often.
    i loved you all and miss you everyday.

    1. Same thing happened when my mom passed. The flowers were yellow. Her favorite color. When she was alive we had talked about why that plant had never bloomed.

  16. Night after my Father’s funeral, My Mother was still very upset and distraught, and us three Sons were with her. She wanted a sign from God that Pop was OK in the “Afterlife.” As we were walking down her hallway, the light flicked “on and off slowly” three times, representing a sign to her from Pop that her three Sons would take care of her. She was re-assured.

  17. My husband passed away in the fall. Later on, a small yellow flower bloomed in the ground outside our kitchen window. It was too cold for a flower to bloom, and I had never seen this variety of flower ever before. I believe he sent it to me to let me know that everything was OK.

  18. My husband of 72 years passed away on Nov. 1st-2019, I get feathers very often in strange places in my home. Last week a huge brown feather on my coffee table right by where he always sat. I know he is watching over me. I feel safe when I get the feathers. He promised to love me “Till the end of Time.”

  19. I want signs but I don’t know if I have them or not but at a store I was in I decided to go down a isle and I saw a lady talking about after life to another lady. Of course it caught my attention and after she finished talking to the woman, she asked me about the two young men with me. I looked at her and asked her what she was talking about. She described them to me and lo and behold, it was my son and brother who had passed on! I never come to this store on this day of the week but for some reason I wanted to come this special day. I am happy that I went that special day.

  20. My husband passed away 7 yrs ago. Before passing I asked him to give us a sign he “made it”! Ever since all 4 kids and I find dimes. Nice new shiny dimes. For me, when I am under stress… I look down and there it is. I have a small jar of dimes collected!! It happens to all 5 of us!!

    1. I also get dimes from my grandmother, particularly when I fly because I’m afraid to. When my mother passed in the middle of the night in July, the hospital kicked me out and I had nowhere to go. I drove to my mother’s residence but didn’t want to go inside. Instead, I went to the parking lot to wait for sunrise but first went into the senior residence to use the public bathroom. When I came out, there was a dime right in front of me even in the dark of night. I knew my grandmother was telling me she had my mother.

  21. My late wife came and visited us during her older brother’s birthday. She tilted both of our cakes to its side letting us know she is attending his brother’s birthday party.

  22. my grandmother, i went to her funeral in england and we stayed at her place which also kept th body in wake until then, we where outside to smoke and over flow . i noticed a peculiar green growth at the back of her garden, and watched it blume into one spectacular rose the day of her in turnment , it was very early in season to do so, i believe granma was making her statement of well being.

  23. I’ve seen and heard spirits all my life. I was born without heartbeat or breath, remember watching what was happening in the room while still in the spirit before being pushed into the body as the heart started beating and lungs filled with air.
    I often feel, hear, and see those in the spirit around me and others.

  24. During my grandparents funeral the light went off and on. When my grandma visits the fragrance of her dusting powder is there. My grandfather comes with the smell of his pipe tobacco that we use to give him for Christmas. My mother would come with the fragrance of one of her perfumes. My sister passed 2 years ago and she visits with the aroma of coffee. She loved her coffee. The last time was cigarette smell. My family visits a lot.

  25. Before my mom passed away, I told her that if she can to come back to visit me. She said she will if she can. There are times I feel air breathing in my face even with no air or heat on in the house. I also feel like someone gets in the bed with me. My daughter says she felt like grandma was visiting her by getting in the bed. It felt so real. I give myself a BIG hug like she use to hug me. I could feel the love.💞🙏💐

    1. My mom passed last month.
      I got to spend a lot of time with her the past 31/2 years. Besides my dad I took care of her almost daily. We were very close and Im so greatful to have had the time with my beautiful mom.
      Two days of her passing I was lying in bed not asleep yet. I felt this gentle touching on my shoulder like I was being touched but not. Was a loving touch. She was there.

  26. My wife passed on April 24th 2020.
    She was a brillant woman.
    My television kept blacking out for a minute or less, go black, come on go black.
    So I purchased a new tv, wasn’t long and it was also going black like the old one.
    I told a friend that used to work for my wife at the hospital, who told me Sandy’s doing this.
    Next morning I looked up at the ceiling in our bedroom and said darling in heaven, Margo told me you are blacking out my tv.
    The next two days it did not go black, on the third day I looked up at the ceiling and said, if you are watching tv with me, black out my tv. a minute later it went black.
    My wife moves things about the house also.
    I also joined her church, which was Catholic, the first time I attended mass, I was listening to the homily, all of a sudden I had the stronger smell of a lotion she used to wear, it was a Ralph Lauren product, it smelled so swettly.
    Now every time I go to Mass, she now uses perfume to let me know of her presence.
    I also smell her presence around the house many times.
    Yes, they are definitely with us, and it is so comforting to know this.
    S about the

  27. Ginny
    My husband passed away in November 8, 2021 and his closet light comes on every night. I sometimes feel his presence. I see shadows and I know it’s him. The love we shared was so beautiful.

  28. I went to visit the grave of the love of my life. I took two roses to leave there. As I was leaving I looked down and saw pink. It was a tiny rose look alike flower growing on a weed in the desert. I picked a small section which included the flower. I was visiting from out of town so I took it and put it in a small jar of water. When I left I brought it home. It survived the flight and for the next 6 weeks it continued to put on blooms. When I decided to plant it in soil it died. I have returned to his grave twice since then hoping to be able to get the weed and get it to grow. I’ve been unsuccessful. I always felt like the gift of the mini blooms at my initial visit was him giving me flowers.

  29. My daughter passed on April 8, 2022 (my only child) in Belgium. She was in the process of returning. I wanted her to be near me my last stretch on this earth. I am 81 years old. Do or have you ever ask yourself, “why me Lord”! Now there is only ME!!

  30. Our beloved son died. I feel him squeeze my shoulder from time to time. When I say “oh, never mind, it’s just my arthritis,” he shows me what he thinks of my cynicism by squeezing it 2 or 3 times in a row. I get the message.

  31. Its an Irish tradition to find a penny is a contact. As my mother was near the end my sister asked my mother that Dad leaves penny as a message, what would she leave us…she said she would send dimes. She has sent probably 7 dimes in the 4 years she’s been gone. Sometimes accompanied by a penny. So the whole family has heard from both of the them. Great gift and brings back many happy memories.

  32. My mom always wore a favorite sports team jacket. It was a ladies jacket and when she wore it, I always commented how I liked it. I never saw another person ever wear that jacket. We moved to northern florida and the town we moved to, I knew that our childhood neighbor had moved to the same town but had no way of getting in touch with him. Approaching my birthday I was very depressed as it would be the first birthday in my life without my mother. I kept thinking “mom if your around please let me know so I won’t feel alone”. The day before my birthday we went to church and sat down. A few minutes before the service started two women came and sat next to me. The woman closest to me had on my mother’s sports teams jacket. The exact one that my mom wore! I thought that was a sign from her. After the service I was talking to the women and it turned out that the one the lady with the lady next to
    Me was from my hometown, and married to my childhood neighbor! I knew then that my mom sent them to me.

  33. I really liked this article. My mother passed away January 6, 2020. We were very close. We lived together most of my adult years. I have had many signs of her being with me. Her birthday is 617. Every time I get in my car or pick up my cell phone that number is always on a screen. One time my cell phone pictures flickered all the way back to a picture of a ring she bought for herself and my sister and I. I also felt a brush on my arm while I was on my bed playing a game on my iPad. And then there was the red Cardinal right outside my bedroom window in a tree about 6 feet from me. I have had so many signs how can I not believe she is with me…

    1. Both my parents are passed, my husband too. If I have been stressed about something, one of their birthdays shows up on a digital clock when I randomly look to see what time it is during the day. 1:09, or 4:14, or 1:27. Then I hear a voice that says don’t worry it will turn out ok! And it does. Once in awhile my birthday just shows up without being stressed, 11:11, that tells me one of them are saying hello.

  34. My dearest friend was always there for me though she lived in the Bahamas and I in the states. We were inseparable in college and I always credited her for getting me through forward.She comes to daughter’s wedding and spends the week with me afterwards , 2 years later she loss her battle with cancer and passed away at her home in the Bahamas. Of course I and my husband attended her funeral. After returning home I scolded myself for not having something , a video , a tape, with her voice,though I could always hear her voice with the sweet British and Island dialect. A few years later, looking through my gallery of photos to decide what goes or stay , I found a strange item, looked like woven cloth. I hit the the play video and the cloth was waving gently my voice says how was your sleep and the reply was, “I slept so well girl, it was her voice, heaven knows I couldn’t believe it I had an overflow of tears, her voice.When I showed the video to my husband , he wanted to know if I recalled recording, no never, why would I tape flowing fabric during a conversation. I don’t know what to say,I am speechless. Now I found what I had wished for ,her wonderful voice.Did she come back to give this to me. It is mine for always to remember her by.

  35. My mom passed away in 2014 but both my ceiling fan and my doorbell act strangely. For instance, my ceiling fan goes on by itself (and no, it’s definitely not a “short”) in the wee hours of the morning. It will also turn itself off sometimes. My doorbell will ring and my place isn’t very large and it takes me only a few seconds to look through the peep hole to see if there’s anyone out there and there never is! Could this be her? I talk to her and ask her what she wants. If I tell one of my sibs about it, my sister will say that I should greet our Mom and ask her that.

    1. My granddaughter had Fisher Price and other toys here to play with when she was a toddler. One of them still remains, a kids doorbell that is affixed a little high in a doorway. You press a button and an electronic ding-dong sound goes off three times. We forgot it was there till it went off one day, startling everyone. We were talking about deceased loved ones. Coincidence? No – we left it there to see if it was, and it does ring anytime we talk about someone or other of them!

  36. My mom who passed away in 2014 would turn on my ceiling fan in the wee hours of the morning and turn it off as well (and no, it’s not a “short”!) My door bell would also ring and there was never anyone out there.

  37. My daughter, Holly, passed in January 2021. A month or so later we saw a couple of leaves of a holly bush growing through some gravel next to our house. There are no holly bushes anywhere on my property. I would say that was a hello from Holly. It is still growing and about a foot tall now. I am also 81 now and miss her constantly. There have been other “hellos” also. Thank you Holly.

  38. The way that I know that my son who passed away is with me in Spirit is that sometimes when I walk into the kitchen, my refrigerator makes a knocking sound. It never did that before Brandon died. Also, if I find a penny, or a quarter out of nowhere, I know he is there with me.

  39. The way that I know that my son who passed away is with me in Spirit is that sometimes when I walk into the kitchen, my refrigerator makes a knocking sound. It never did that before Brandon died. Also, if I find a penny, or a quarter out of nowhere, I know he is there with me.

  40. My dear Dad passed away in September 2012. His first sign to me was actually 2 weeks prior to his death as I was in the midst of planning his funeral. His second sign was on the day of his funeral. Since then, he has sent me 26 more clever and peace-providing signs…letting me know that it’s “all good” on his side of the veil. Thanks, Dad!

  41. BILL
    My wife passed away in 2003. and her presence still be felt in the hose that I live, regardless of the house. ( i have moved 3 times already, even in a different continent) and her presence is always there. I can feel the energy and seen the ghostly figure moving around the house.
    For some is just a coincidence, non believers see a different thing. ghost are real. They are the energy that ( according to the science con not be destroyed or created) where left of the person that was alive. They live in a different dimension. and they can communicate with those that believe in them at will. this concept can not be explained to zealots of fanatics, is not well has nothing to do with been psychological impair. crazy, paranoid or delusional.

  42. My son passed away down state. We were devastated. I was sleeping on the settee, and heard someone come into the basement, and coughed. I sat up and said his name, then realized he was gone. Next thing I heard him in his bedroom like he was on his phone. My husband got up, and I told him he had come home. He just looked at me. I got a call shortly after from the funeral home they had him there with them.

  43. My grand daughter (13 years and 6 months) AND my grandson (15 MONTHS old) were both killed by a drunk driver on my 71st birthday 10/10/2014. Although any day would be just as tragic, my grand daughter lived with me for 9 years and we were extremely close. A month after their funerals, my grand daughter appeared to me in the form of a halo around the light in my main bathroom. I took a picture of it. It lasted a few minutes and prior to that “visit” she came to me in a dream that I swear was the REAL thing. She kissed me on my lips and it awokened me and I called her name. There has not been one day I have not cried for both these babies. There has been other times she visited me. 4/18/19 I came home one day and saw her sitting on my porch as I pulled my car into the driveway. My grief is REAL and ENDLESS. She was everything I wanted to be!! Brilliant, talented, loving, kinder than anyone I have ever met. a giver–never a taker. People, especially her ex-teachers, continue to praise her. She spoke three languages, first place in her Mathematics age group exam, an artist, a philanthropist, played sheet music (piano) at age five;in 3 dance concerts and so much more! To miss her is an understatement.

  44. My father passed away two weeks before my son was born, from a horrible medical mistake. As my son grew up, he would always tell me that his papa lived in his closet. He would wave at him and say good night to him. Then about four years later he was taking photos from an old camera I had. When we looked back at the photos he just had snapped he says to me mom mom that is papa, the man who lives in my closet. I took a closer look at the photo and sure enough it looked just like him. I could not believe it. I showed my brother, my nephew and my mom who’s husband was papa, the photo and they could not believe what they were seeing. We are total believers! You just can’t make this stuff up. To this day my son still has a connection with him and still remembers those many days seeing him come and go from that closet. 💫❤️🙌

  45. My Mom was everything to me. She was always there whenever I needed her emotionally. She was a widow for many years, but when she became too old to be alone my husband and I moved in with her. She passed 12/20/06 one day before my Birthday. She had been in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a few weeks (on a ventilator), when the decision had to be made (her organs failing). I reluctantly said OK. Our family was there by her bedside until she passed. She was awake the whole time fighting the massive amount of morphine she was being given. I sat there holding her hand wanting desperately to talk to her and hear what she wanted to say. When the nurse removed her tube she wasn’t able to speak, but smiled. A few days after she was gone I smelled the scent of Roses (her favorite perfume) when I was in the bathroom. I told her she was welcome to visit anytime she wanted as long as she didn’t cause any problems. She has been good about that. I dream of her occasionally but she never speaks. Right when I think she is going to say something, I wake up. So frustrating. I love her and miss her so much, and can’t wait until I see her again and to finally hear what she has to say!

  46. I was a teacher and stayed late many days to work in my room. Often I would feel the presence of my mom in her usual raincoat coming into the room and gesturing for me to leave and go home. I was moved to another classroom on a different floor. A young teacher was put into my room. After several months, and she often stayed late as well, she approached me one day and asked me if there seemed to be a semblance of a figure once in awhile that came into
    that room as she was working late. I told her my story. She said, “well someone, and I am glad it was your mom, is looking out for me now. She did not act scared at all !!!!!!

  47. Hi EVERYONE. I would like to share the true feelings of a passed loved one coming to visit.
    In 1991 I lost my partner of 10 years to complications from aids. Since the blood is the way of travel.. he developed a type of cancer that turned our lives upside down. We discovered he had the cancer and one year later… he died. We were tight… and I mean tight. He was the greatest person in my life except mom of course. And she knew how close we were and she too loved him. We found out he had HIV a little after 1 year of our lives together. We actually found out the day my father was buried. We continued our lives together for 9 more years. We developed a wonderful relationship in the final days.
    After being in the hospital for what turned out to be the last stay. The doctor told us a blood transfusion was not going to work anymore. Actually at the state it would be a waste.
    I moved from the apt. we had shared even to his death. I purchased my first little condo. He knew the guy that I purchased it from. IN fact one day he said he wanted to ride over to see the place. He worked with this guy so he was well known to him. The visit was nice and the guy actually said why dont you two buy it. It would be perfect and less to take care of. We said we would think about it. Well my friend died before any of that could happen. But it did take place 3 months after he died. I was moving start growing even more in my relationship with him and didnt know it. The first night I was there.. I was awakened around 4 in the morning by a loud noise of what sounded like glass breaking. I had boxes everywhere.. but in the living room I found a bulb had broken in the ceiling fan and the glass shade was on the floor unbroken. I stood there in awe. I couldnt really understand how it happened. But felt best to rethink it in the a.m. I returned to bed.. fell asleep and it was a short time later I heard a noise in the bathroom. I heard rattaling of what sounded like rocks and glass. With things already waking me and not harming me.. I thought to stay in the bed and check it out in the a.m. So when I awoke I of course did my bathroom stop. And as I walked by the sink I noticed the medicine cabinet was cracked open just a bit. I knew I had closed it because it actually had a little tightness when you pushed it and would have to make two little pushes to close it. I did before bed. When I opened the cabinet.. there on the two glass shelves were all my medications where I had placed them. Only problem.. they were lined evenly on the shelf.. placed in alphabetical order. When I saw that I automatically knew it was my passed friend. This was how he did his cabinet. I actually felt his presence too. There was an event of the smell of his favorite aftershave. Which was nowhere in the house. All this was actually a good feeling. I was never scared. Some time later I talked with a close friend that was involved with spiritual readings. I had never used her.. but I thought to discuss this with her and in the conversation… she asked was I wearing a cologne. I never wear cologne. she said it was a fresh smell of what was of the fragrance of lavender seemed. I knew it actually had to be lavender. He bathed with a bath lotion that was of lavender. I told her of the happenings of my new place the first night there. She told me that the breaking of glass was when his high energy broke through our earthly energy around us. She said when the energy is high it will actually break glass even windows will break. she went into all the things that come with it. I was actually taken back. It felt like I was pulling away from my religious beliefs now… but she promised it wouldnt happen unless I let it happen. So she stayed and worked with me to settle down my high energy I had surrounded myself with. It can be hard to do.. if you let it. But it went well. We talked some time later again. She asked how I was doing.. my response… well there are some things still going on that has been a little disturbing. She asked why it was disturbing and I said because it involves my friend hanging around me. So she said we needed to get together and see what was going on. I told her.. it was a lot going on. She then said.. I know.. I am receiving a message from him and he wants to show you it is him. Not to be afraid. That he would not hurt me. So we set a date.. it was a month later due to my work schedule. But things had really started happening. And with that.. I’ll say good night to all and to all OPEN YOURSELF TO THE POSSIBILITY OF FEELING YOUR LOVE ONE WITH YOU. Afterall… they love you as you loved them. All I can say… my life has been full of wonderful happenings and sightings of loved ones that have gone on before. P.S. watch for those flashes of light around you. Angels are trying to tell you something. Listen in the quiteness. They are there.

  48. My mother passed 11 months ago to say we were close is a pale description the love bond and connection we had was beautiful indescribable and deep. Not in a million years did I ever think I would not get a sign of comfort from her yet here I am bordering the one year mark. I miss her voice her heart and the joy she carried no matter what i Miss her physicality but am glad she is in paradise with our Lord whom she loved and served so fiercely no matter her situation. But am so so sad that she hasn’t reached out to me. I do desperately need that confirmation from her i speak to her daily and am so very open but still nothing it’s like an open wound.

  49. Grace…I feel the same…I usually hear and feel things but I haven’t been able to since both my parents passed. I miss my Dad and my mom so much… I know that my younger brother visited often when he had passed. I am hoping that both my parents are not angry with me. I want to know they are okay.
    I miss my mom terribly.

  50. I was very ill in the hospital and spent a very disturbing day. As evening came, they said you can rest now.
    As I started to drift off in the dark room with outside city lights beaming in, I felt a hard pinch on my nose, startled, I opened my eyes and Noone was in the room.
    I found out the next morning that my dear brother, who was very spiritual, was passing away at the very time I had felt the hard pinch on my nose. He was 2000 miles away from me. He had experienced a bright light coming towards him, the night our mom passed away when we were teens. I believe he was saying goodbye to me with the nose pinch.

  51. My wife of 46 years recently passed. There are many things that defined her, but one was her love of cats. Her nickname was (of course) ‘Kitten’. One day, about two weeks after her passing, I was taking a walk in our neighborhood. Parked on the street was a car that had been custom-painted with a drawing of Hello Kitty, some paw prints and the words “I love you”.

    People will tell me I’m reading too much into it, but I know she was talking to me.

  52. I have had some amazing encounters: after my cousins funeral I was walking, and out of no where; as I was passing a tree a huge rush of wind came through blowing around me and it felt like a real hug. I’ve also connected with a moth and crow and they let me know exactly whom they were. Also, after the passing of my grandmother….. her phone number called and although Ik it had to be my mom when I said hello there was just a weird silence and static came in. I hung up to redial and got no answer. My mom was present in the home, so it probably was an accident but I never questioned it bc I felt her spirit.

  53. I was 12 when my 14 yr old sister passed. A few days later there were some women at my house. They were chatting and then became very quiet. There was a sweet scent in the room and I heard one woman say, “She’s here”. The scent passed away.
    Many years later I experienced the same thing when my mother and my mother-in-law passed two weeka apart. I was sitting in my living room with my young sons when we could smell their distinctive smells pass thru a few days after their passing. The noisy children became very quiet when this happened!

  54. My husband was a great planner. When he got the diagnosis of terminal cancer he became obsessed with making sure all the things he took care of in our house hold we’re buttoned down. For one he paid the bills. He passed away March 1 and property tax was due April 1. I had no inkling that they were unpaid. At night in the weeks after he passed away I would feel a presence in our room. One night it popped into my head that the property taxes might not be paid and sure enough I checked the next morning and they were not. I had several other instances of unfinished business popping into my head. He was speaking to me

  55. I was about 19 years old when a friends sister died in a car accident. I felt her essence or “spirit” pass through me! I had the most peaceful, serene feeling that she was in a good place! I hardly knew her, and felt it was odd for her to choose me for such a personal experience. Never felt anything like that before or since. Even after my mom passed, whom I absolutely adored. There is a God and a devil. There is a heaven and hell. Choose wisely

  56. I lost my ex-wife two weeks ago today. Although we were officially divorced, we were still close to one another. She visited me today and directed this website to me. If she can read this, I want to say thank you Kellybear.

  57. I have had several vivitations including rellligious{one} but most endearing was I laying in a hospital bed after haing a heart attack my sister was sitting in the edge of the nextempty bed we were laughing and talking a few minutes when it dawnedonme you are dead then she laughed and suddenly I came to the”real world” at no time was I drifting off all thetime I was alert and oriented

  58. When my Mom passed away, I took it really hard. I sometimes couldn’t stop crying and after I would come home from work I would run to my bedroom and just fall on it and cry myself to sleep. This happened for a couple weeks after my Mom passing. When I would get home from work, my apartment had a corner I would have to turn and my living room window would be visible. Every morning I would open the curtains to let sunshine in. Every day I would feel like someone was watching me approach from the window beside the front door. And at different times, I would open the front door to enter and would immediately feel like someone was very near. I would just stop in the doorway and I could feel a presence very close like my Mom’s spirit was hugging me. I know she was there to help me because she knew I was missing her so much. And when my Mom was alive, she always would stop to pick up pennies from anywhere she saw them. I would always laugh at her about that. And now, whenever I am having difficulties in my life, I find pennies all over and I say “Hi Mom”. It’s so strange because if I’m feeling ok, I don’t see a penny anywhere. But even now, years after her passing, when I feel blue, I start to find pennies on the ground. In a previous comment, someone quoted the Bible about the dead not being able to know anything. That is correct, the dead body in the ground doesn’t know anything, but the Living Spirit that we change into, “in the twinkling of an eye,” that is what lives. Every word of the Bible is true, but that is not all there is to God. He is so much more, and we don’t know even the half of it all.

  59. My husband passed away on a Sunday morning. That night when I went to bed I heard the bedroom door open and he came in and got in the bed and scooted close to me. I physically felt him. At first It scared me a little bit, but I realized that it was Charles and I didn’t have to be scared. That’s the only time I felt him. He’s been gone since 2013 and I still miss him so much.

    1. Yes indeed! My wife’s first cousin died and come years later, a small nonworking music box began to play after my wife placed it on a religious book from Lourdes near the box. It played only once and never again.. yes, they are there and we toe the line by helping others, being kind and considerate and especially help and feed the homeless when they are seen on the street. Yes.

  60. I have felt my father’s presence several times over the past five years. I even felt him grab my feet while I was lying in bed trying to sleep once, and when I looked up, there was a sort of a shimmer with Dad’s frame standing at the end of my bed. Not a shadow. The room was dark, but this shape had a very subtle glimmer. I can’t really explain it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen. I was scared at first, but then I felt this calm wash over me and as the figure faded, I heard my dad’s voice say, “take care of my grandbaby for me.” He always said that. No matter what we were doing, where we were, or what we were talking about, that’s how Dad always ended a conversation after my daughter was born. His grandbabies were his whole world, and my daughter is a science nerd like my dad and I. He bought my daughter science books and a telescope and made sure he nurtured her propensity for scientific discovery. I feel Dad sort of watching over my daughter and I while we’re studying science and math and nodding his head and smiling. I homeschool my daughter. She is advanced far beyond her peers in STEM subjects, and I know this is due to my father’s influence on her. She was only 5 years old when he passed away, but she knows things about him that can’t be explained. My dad used to clear his throat in a certain way. It bothered my mother so badly! 😂 Drove her nuts, but there’s no way my daughter could possibly have known that when she told me, “Grandpa Davey sounds like a hungry lion mixed with a moose when he’s clearing his throat.” I’m certain she never heard him do this while he was alive, and it’s not something I ever mentioned to her. Sometimes, around 05:00, which is when he woke up to get ready for work, I’ll faintly hear the sound of his electric shaver and smell his cologne. He was an amazing singer and guitarist, and I’m proud that I inherited his pipes and also developed a talent for playing the guitar.
    Dad was always a big fan of logic and reason, and he passed that on to me, so I know this sounds crazy, and I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for it all, but I don’t care to explain it away. I choose to believe that’s my Dad giving me a nod and saying, “you’re doing great, kid. Keep it up, and take care of that grandbaby for me.”

  61. You know, I don’t care if it’s a coincidence, or not. Sam and I would have been married in November. He died unexpectedly in September. He used a special after shave and I could never find it at Dillard’s anymore. He had used it up and there was none left. Out of the blue – there was Sam’s scent. I even aired out the house and still it was there. It comes and goes.
    I really don’t like it that someone would say it could be something evil. First of all, God is love…if you believe in God. I don’t believe in any devil. There is no scripture to support it. I teach scripture and know Hebrew so please don’t quote metaphors to me. What I want to say to those who preach evil…you don’t like what we say…don’t read us.

  62. My mother passed away in the nursing home I worked in In 2005. After her funeral my daughter, who had got a dozen lavender roses for Grandma, decided to take 3 home to press in memory of her.
    I returned to work 2 weeks later. We had a new resident in the same private room that mom was in. I went in to see her and there on the window sill waS a vase with 9 lavender roses in. I froze. I asked the lady who gave her such lovely flowers. She she she had no idea. They were there when she was admitted. I had no logical explanation. I do know is that I took another week of bereavement off after that. I know she is around me still. I sense her spirit and it calms me.

  63. The night before my grandmother’s funeral, we were all sitting around the dinner table having dinner. My sister always made toast to serve with dinner. This time she brought it to the table in a basket as usual…….the shading on the toast spelled PEACE. We were all shocked. My husband who is an engineer got up right away and went to the toaster. Inside each side had a word in it. One was LOVE the other was PEACE. My sister had received the toaster as a wedding present. She had made toast morning noon and night, and had no one had ever noticed words appearing on the toast. PEACE was appropriate, cause in the few months before my grandmother had passed away, there had been turmoil in the family.

  64. This is so true! I lost my love of 60 years ago. A love I should have never met. My math was horrid when I was tested for schooling in the US Navy. I was one point short of getting Airman School 60 miles from my home town in Oklahoma…grr, this disallowed me from going on to Photo school in Pensacola and sent directly to the fleet …grr.. But after after a second annual trip to the Philippines, the love of my life walked into my life when I was stood up by a rich Chinese gal in her father’s Rolls….lucky me. After a great life with two children, now college grads, with great jobs…my bride died five years ago.. Her nickname was Bird….and listen now: On her birthday in April when the doors are open to the lake across the fence of a nearby golf course, a little bird will fly into the house….four years in a row!. After her funeral I also began looking for signs of her cause I could feel she was nearby trying to communicate: and behold a penny in the street…I have some 400 found pennies in a collection found always where I look at places we frequented to dine, walk and visit. Even now close relatives are finding pennies near their front door, along the sidewalk, near parking lots. Oh yes, she is there, reminding me that we will meet again…ah what mortals have? Prayers and Hope!

  65. We were in the mountains and no one had cell service. All of a sudden my phone rang and it was from my nephew’s wife telling me that my nephew passed away. The phone went dead!
    My mother lived 3000 miles away and passed away. We sold her house a year later and I flew back to NJ to empty the house. Her plants hadn’t been watered for a year and were all brown and dead but I found one leaf that had a little green in it so I wrapped it in a wet paper towel and put it in water when I got home. That leaf sprouted and now 12 years later is a thriving plant and I’ve made many cuttings from it.

  66. I always see butterflies whenever I think of a loved one. When my twin sister died, I was having a hard time so to self-soothe, I went to a neighborhood bakery and had my hot mocha with a muffin. I soon noticed a butterfly on the wall. It was weird because you don’t normally see a butterfly inside a building. They are usually outside hovering near plants. I knew it was my sister telling me it was going to be okay.

    Last May, I got a phone call from my niece that my aunt was not responsive. I was staying at a cousin’s house, about 5 minutes away. As I was waiting for a ride, I was looking out the window and I saw a butterfly lingering near the window. I knew my aunt had just died. When I arrived at her house, she was still warm and it looked like she had just fallen asleep and her face was peaceful.

  67. I’ve had so many.
    The most remembered, was when I was on a Cruise with a tormenting domineering friend. I ran and hid in a dark corner of the ship. I heard the song by the Everly Brothers, the Theme song from “Ghost” Unchanged melody. It was the same song from the Movie, that came out in 1990, the year of his death. It was the same song that Demi Moore cried to.
    I am sure that it was my deceased husband reminding me that everything was going to be alright. I’ve since gone on and begun writing a Book about that terrible horrible trip. Our Son who was 12 at the time, also feels the chills when he hears the song.
    I also feel chills from someone who is in need of reading this.

  68. My mother died many years ago but I’ll never forget this. One night soon after her death, I dreamed I was sitting on her coffin crying. I looked next to me and my mother’s gossamer sprit was next to me. She told me not to worry and that she was OK. I took that to me she was in heaven. I immediately was at peace with her parting.

  69. I am do very upset with myself i just spent 45 mins writing about the things that have happen 2 me the good & the bad with my loved ones who have passed & the really bad bad ones from down under & when i was done with writing u could say my novel on here this page just disappeared so abruptly in a matter of a sec i couldn’t Believe it 45 mins telling u all somethings that ppl would call me crazy believe me the things i have seen i wouldn’t want anyone else 2 b exposed 2 because once your eyes c him u cant unsee him so believe me when i tell u there is a Heaven & Trust me there most definitely is a Hell with his truly Satan the Devil .But just remember the Good Always out way the Bad i wish that what i wrote didn’t disappear i also had beautiful things happen 2 me from my loved ones but what happen with my first post happen 4 a reason i believe it would have been 2 hard or 2 much 4 others 2 hear or 2 believe so ill leave it at that God Bless & Good Night

  70. I bought a home out in the country that people inherited, never lived in and sold. The neighbor told me of strange lights in the house that went on and off at niight yet no one was here. When inside ai often felt as someone else is here living alone with my dog. Working out back one night, my back facing the house, the rake that was leaning against the house tipped and the handle hit me on the back of my head. I turn to grab it and all the hair on both arms stood up like being pulled like a magnet and almost immeditely went away. I made sure it had a good lean against the house and continued to work. Less than 5 minutes later Bam the rake handle again hits me in the head and as I turned I heard the flaps of a big wing bird fly away and the rake was very well slanted toward the house, but I went in side saying I do believe in ghosts repeatedly. Well the next morningI went out back to where I was and the rake had tipped the other way again and was on the ground. Looking where the head of the rake was, there were fresh gopher holes, hence a gopher was trying to surface and tipped the rake. Get real there are no ghosts. There is a scientific explanation for everything. We can’t explain how everything exixts so we make up a god. After one passes they have the same awaress as they did before concepotion. After death it is the same as it was before one was born. No one gets out alive.

  71. I recently loss a sister I was close to and due to 2 stokes it left her handicapped unable to talk, walk, or eat. She was looking forward to going to our family reunion this year in New Orleans and her daughter and I promised her by hook or crook she would be there. Even joking to her even if she passed before we got there, she better show up. Unfortunately, she did pass on months before our trip. But we told her she has to show up by placing a dime in one of our hotel rooms to show us she came to join us. Well, the day of our family get together for photos and family dinner, I made a Mardi gras umbrella for her with her initial. As i journey to my niece’s room my sister’s daughter to show her the umbrella at the door I noticed a dime on the floor. That told us both she kept her end of the deal and was with her. We both started to cry because we knew then she was with us.

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