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Attention, Please: 10 Important Things Grandparents Should Never Do

Inspiring Wishes presents: things grandparents should never do!

Grandparents are angels on earth. They love to spend time with the kids, teach them how to read, play different games, and reinforce discipline strategies when needed.

Not to mention, they’re always ready to help new parents manage it all, especially when they’re busy or when they need time for themselves to go on a much-needed date night.

However, while we believe that grandma and grandpa are lifesavers, there are some moments when they can annoy their children or grandchildren. Even the most well-meaning grandparents can make mistakes, whether that means spoiling their grandchildren excessively or defying their children’s desires when it comes to parenting.

Speaking of that, we want to talk to you about all the things grandparents should never do. Have you ever made any of these mistakes? I did! Let’s begin!

things grandparents should never do
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1. Post about their grandkids online

Yeah, I’m sure you want everyone to see how cute your grandkids are, but posting pictures of them on social media or sending images of them to other people without their parents knowing is one of the things grandparents should never do.

Some people don’t like to post photos or personal information about their children online, so if you want to do something like this, you should ask for permission.

2. Raising their grandkids as they did with their children

Since every family is unique, your parenting style might not work for you if you have grandchildren. Every generation is different, so the way you raise your gorgeous children might not be the right technique when it comes to raising your grandkids.

One of the things grandparents should never do is apply the same method they did with their children because it can cause more harm than good. After all, even if you believe you’ve got parenting down pat, your child most likely has a slightly different take on how their childhood unfolded, so you’d better follow their lead here.

3. Break bedtime rules

It’s challenging enough to get kids to go to bed on time, let alone when someone disobeys the bedtime rules and lets them stay up late. If you do this, I’m pretty sure your children will be disappointed.

I know, I know, it took me a hard time to accept this too because I wanted to be the fun grandma who lets her gorgeous grandkids play way past bedtime, but when my daughter told me that she wouldn’t let her kids stay the night, it got me thinking.

Whether or not you believe that staying up late occasionally couldn’t hurt, it’s very important to ensure that your dear grandkids follow their established bedtimes. Their parents will be very much appreciated, so keep this in mind. We have many other things grandparents should never do, so keep reading!

things grandparents should never do
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4. Reward bad behavior

Yes, watching a new episode of their favorite show might not seem like a big deal, especially since it helps your unruly toddler grandchild settle down, but what if you do it too often?

This is one of the things grandparents should never do because it gives off the impression that a little one can cry and have tantrums at any time. After all, they’ll get what they want. No, no, no, you’re only making it more difficult for their parents to handle them at home, so don’t give your children a hard time.

5. Give them too much sweets

Even though it’s common for grandparents to spoil their grandchildren, you shouldn’t give them sweets at every chance. Not only is eating too much sugar bad for their health because it can cause problems for their teeth, stomach, skin, hair, and brain, but it’s also bad for their parents.

They spend a lot of time trying to teach their little ones particular rules and healthy habits, and if you give them sugary treats each time you have the chance, you’ll encourage bad behaviors.

6. Give unsolicited advice

Oh yes, we’re getting real here. It’s human nature to give other people advice when they share their problems with us or when we think that they could improve their lives.

While helping someone with some nice words is perfectly fine, giving unsolicited advice is not, and believe it or not, is one of the things grandparents should never do.

Every parent tries to do their best when it comes to raising their children, and as we previously said, each individual is different, so what worked for one might not be suitable for another.

If you think that your child has a hard time finding their parenting style, you could talk to them about it, and have an open conversation, rather than telling them what you’d do if you were in their place.

Can you think of any other things grandparents should never do?

things grandparents should never do
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7. Bad-mouth other people

This is one of the most important things grandparents should never do: badmouth other people in front of their grandchildren. You might not like someone in your family, but if you say mean words about that person in front of your little one, it is going to cause a lot of problems.

Kids are like sponges; they remember everything they hear, and besides that, they might not be big enough to make a difference between what’s good and what’s bad. They might tell their parents or other people what you’ve said, and that won’t be any good.

8. Give haircuts

While this might seem like a funny activity that will help you and your little one bond, parents say it is one of the things grandparents should never do.

Giving your grandkid an impromptu buzz cut won’t go over well because of haircuts, especially first haircuts. Besides that, the first haircut is an important part for every new parent, so why not give them the pleasure of having this moment with their kids?

9. Telling them scary stories

You might think it’s funny to tell your beloved grandchildren that a huge monster will come out of their bed if they don’t go to sleep in 5 minutes or that their eyes will get stuck if they roll them at you, but these are some of the things grandparents should never do.

You can never know which of those elaborate stories will turn into real worries for your grandkids—and ones that their parents will have to deal with in the future.

Even though those stories sound quite harmless to you, try to steer clear of them if you want to have a cordial relationship with the parents of your grandchildren.

Since we’ve talked about all the things grandparents should never do, we know the perfect board game for your family. It will bring you closer to one another, and you’ll have the time of your lives playing it. Check it out here!

10. Shower them with toys

Did you know that one of the things grandparents should never do is shower their beloved grandkids with toys? Of course, giving them a gift on their birthday or Christmas is perfectly fine, but if you give them a new toy each time they come and visit you, prepare for problems.

Besides setting unrealistic and materialistic expectations for your little ones at a young age, your parents might be upset because you’re also clogging their home. If you don’t want the kids to always expect to receive a present from you or other people, make sure you only treat them on special occasions.

What are your thoughts on these things grandparents should never do? Let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed reading this article and want to check out something else from us, here’s a good post for you: 12 Signs You Have a Soul Tie with Someone

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