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3 Signs Your Ancestors’s Spirits Are with You Every Step of The Way

How to Know if Your Ancestors Communicate with You:

Psychic mediums are professional people who are able to recognize the presence of spirits around us. It’s their job to describe the messages of departed loved ones and our ancestors who are trying to communicate from the spirit world. The spirits who make the greatest impact on you are those who were family role models, impacting your family as a group.

These role models are also known as matriarchs or patriarchs, and here are 10 common traits they exhibit when they’re trying to communicate with you in your dreams. If anything here resonates with you, make sure you let us know in the comment section below!

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Why should we listen to messages in our dreams?

We are constantly guided by our spirit team, which also includes our ancestors: animals, plants, elemental spirits, and any other guiding forces. Dreams just happen to be one of their favorite ways to communicate with us. Spirit-guided dreams carry very important messages for our healing, growth, and alignment.

These dreams could guide us to discover and align with our higher purpose, recognize what inner wounds need to be healed, take the next steps in our work and personal lives,  feel inspired, and see a greater perspective on something difficult we might be facing.

How do you know when spirit guides are communicating with you?

While it might be quite difficult to establish whether or not our spirit guides communicate with us, here are some of the most common signs that they do:

Repeating plotlines

If you’re having recurrent dreams (whether it’s teeth falling out or snakes chasing you), it could be because you’re not catching their important message from the beginning. Just try to think of a repeating dream as a neon sign from your spirit guides inviting you to be more cautious or pay attention.

Sometimes, our guides tend to get creative and change the entire scenario. In this particular example, our spirit guides could find different ways to deliver the same message, so we finally paid attention.

How to tune in

If you’re experiencing a repeating dream, what’s the central message? Try summing up your dream into a headline. If you had to give a friend a dream elevator pitch, what would you tell them about the essence of the dream in only 30 seconds?

Getting to the core insight of any dream will tell our spirit guides that we finally got the message. If you notice that your repeating dreams stop, just take it as a sign that you’ve finally got the message.

Characters that guide you through the dream

Have you ever met someone in a dream who shared a very clear message or pointed you to a specific place? These guiding characters in your dreams might be your spirit guides. They can take the form of a very close friend, stranger, or other familiar face that gets us to pay attention. For instance, if you’re most comfortable with a best friend sharing a message about your next steps for work, a spirit guide might become your friend in a dream.

How to tune in

If you’ve ever had a guiding figure in one of your recent dreams, you might want to pay attention to their words, actions, and directions. Do they seem literal or simply symbolic? Consider how their message can relate to your waking life.

Then, try to trust your gut and go with it. If you don’t get it, they will show up again as a future dream.

Dreams with an ethereal quality

Have you ever experienced a dream that seemed to have some sort of ethereal quality? You might have been walking through a cloud in the dream or even noticed that the light and colors had a certain otherworldly quality to them. These realistic dreams could easily signal that your spirit guides are trying to speak to you.

How to tune in

If you ever had an ethereal dream, try to tune in to how it made you feel when you woke up in the morning. This type of dream could have a symbolic and metaphorical dimension attached to it. Imagine if your dream was part of a larger story.

How would the story unfold? Write a pre-dream and post-dream scene to fully complete the story. How does the dream story bring new insights to the messages your guides are sending? Probably one of the most important ways to truly increase our conscious attention to any of these dream types is to write them down when we wake up in the morning.

Writing your dreams down could truly empower you to see the messages of spirit guides jumping off the page and then use them to support your personal growth, healing, and a true sense of purpose.

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The whole tradition around ancestral communication

Ancestral communication is an old practice that was initiated in many cultures around the world, including the Mayan, Celtic, Aborigine, Native American, Ancient Greece, Ancient Eurasia, African Tribal, Tibetan, and even Yogic traditions and cultures. Some of the biggest religions, like Catholicism, honor their deceased on All Saints Day and All Souls Day with prayers, candles, incense, chanting, ceremonies, and offerings.

In Mexico, they celebrate the Day of the Dead, famously known as Dia de los Muertos. In the Celtic tradition, Samhain is used to observe the transition time between these two worlds. In our own culture, we are wildly accustomed to Halloween and All Hallows Eve.

But much of the essence and spiritual wisdom connected to these ceremonial days that were meant to honor our ancestors have been lost. Through ancestral communication, you might be able to open your heart and experience a deeper love within yourself because of the connection you have with your family tree.

This kind of practice has been helping people to reconcile with deep wounds and karmic patterns that stem from past life trauma and even issues between the dead and the living.

Halloween and the Day of the Dead

These two important celebrations are traditionally known as ceremonial days and nights. They are meant to honor and communicate with our ancestors. This is a great time to establish family altars, perform ceremonies with our ancestors, and lay out various offerings of flowers, incense, crystals, art, and food.

Halloween and All Hallows Eve stand for the Holy Night or All Saint’s Night. It is an ideal time to honor and fully communicate with those who have taken their spirit walk—their ancestors, but also the holy or saintly ones. The Day of the Dead holds the spiritual essence of ceremony, honor, and communication in the deeper regions of Mexico.

Imagine dozens of families from other villages joyfully putting up altars, cooking and sharing food, lighting up candles, and putting up photographs of their deceased. It’s known to be a moving experience that observers can truly experience through their intentions and offerings to their familial ancestors.

Some elements of such beautiful ceremonies can be easily observed in our modern Halloween by way of candles in jack-o-lanterns, candy offerings, and even festivities. If you choose, you can even reconnect to this type of veneration practice while the veil between two worlds is thinner at certain times of the year.

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