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Zodiac Signs: The 6 Most (and Least) Depressed & Why

Image By Black Salmon From Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign has anything to do with how depressed you are?

If you didn’t know, there may be a correlation between mental health and zodiac signs. And while this is definitely not a perfect science, there are certain personality traits that we associate with each zodiac sign. And going along those lines, there are other things that we can tell about them based on what has been observed so far.

Depression is a hard mental illness that we all have to tackle to some degree, but some are getting affected by it harder than others. And when it comes to zodiac signs, we have gathered not only which ones are more prone to getting depressed but also the reason why they get depressed as well!

Read along and find out which ones are the six most prone to depression and where your zodiac sign falls on our list!

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