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Dreaming of a Deceased Relative: 7 Meanings You Must Know

dreaming of a deceased relative
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2. Delayed grief

The loss of a relative is a big event, and it can shock many of us. This is why there are some people out there who are not able to manage their emotions immediately, and this can lead to suppressed feelings.

When this happens, the person is trying to move on, but things don’t really work like this. Even if they think they are okay now and it seems like they have moved on and found peace, they might later deal with delayed grief.

If the loss is extremely painful or you have other concerns, you might not have the space and time to deal with them all right away. This means that because you were not able to digest them properly, the emotions will reappear at some point, and you will need to try to manage them.

This is a normal process, and it can also be an explanation for why you are dreaming of a deceased relative so long after they have gone on the other side.

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