Dreaming of a Deceased Relative: 7 Meanings You Must Know

dreaming of a deceased relative
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5. You’re spiritually connected

There are some special instances when constantly dreaming of a deceased relative might indicate that there is something more that needs to be discovered. We already told you about the emotional or psychological aspects. Now, we are literally going into another realm in which repeatedly dreaming of someone you love might indicate a spiritual connection.

Usually, these spiritual dreams are extremely intense, and they might make you feel like you are in another world where you can be together with the one that passed away. The person might also give you advice, or they can just hang out with you. It depends, and the experience is generally different from person to person.

One interesting thing about those who have spiritual dreams is that they report lower levels of depression and death anxiety, and they also have stronger religious beliefs.

If you know that you are dreaming of a deceased relative and you feel this way every time you dream, it might be due to the fact that the person who passed away is spiritually connected with you.

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