8 Signs You Chose a Bad Therapist

Photo by Cookie Studio from shutterstock.com

#7 Ask You to Repeat It or Let Them Know What You Just Stated

A good therapist listens actively. Therapists develop the skill of listening, not merely to reply but also to hear themes and patterns.

It’s acceptable for them to ask for more information, a repeat, or a reminder of a specific aspect or the significance of a narrative you’re recalling. The therapist may wish to see you rephrase precise details or use them as a prop to show that your thought process is disorganized.

However, it can be a warning sign if your therapist can’t recall why you’re seeking treatment. 

One way to tell if a therapist is engaging in active listening is if they can direct you away from your rabbit hole. Asking questions in response to what has been heard indicates that a therapist is paying attention.


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