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9 Signs of a Possessive Partner You Should NEVER Ignore

signs of a possessive partner
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They care about what you wear.

As a general rule, one of the signs of a possessive partner is constant comments on what you are wearing or how you look.

If your partner never likes how you dress or the way you look, up to the point where they even become angry, then it might be a sign that something’s off.

If anger gets into the game, then things become tougher because this type of impulsiveness and unpredictability could rapidly turn to violence.

They try to protect you from “bad” influences and friends.

If your partner always reminds you how much he or she hates your friends or family members, then you need to hear them out, but be careful: you should consider WHY they don’t want you to spend time with them.

Some partners will try to sabotage your friendships to get more of your time and attention. In some of the most extreme cases, they want to isolate you from caring friends and family in order to gain full control over the relationship.

It could also be due to their aforementioned insecurities, which is definitely not something you should be responsible for.

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