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9 Signs of a Possessive Partner You Should NEVER Ignore

signs of a possessive partner
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They text you nonstop.

One of the signs of a possessive partner is texting you like there’s no tomorrow. If you always have 200 texts and missed calls from your SO, you might want to consider it a red flag.

If your partner is constantly reaching out while you are gone, then it might be a good sign that they can’t trust you.

It also shows their need to be the center of attention in your world, even if you are physically apart.

By constantly reaching out, their intention is to prevent you from fully enjoying other aspects of your life, which isn’t right.

You want a partner who respects your boundaries; otherwise, you will never be able to get your needs met.

A possessive partner who doesn’t respect your boundaries is simply unwilling to give you what you need so you can take proper care of yourself.

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