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7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life

Photo by Parkin Srihawong from Shutterstock

The one who’s very irresponsible

We love our friends for all the beautiful memories we have together, and for all the beautiful things we see in them. It’s only natural to be flawed, we all are.

All of my friends have their flaws, and I always try not to focus on them. But what do you do when these flaws might end up being dangerous to YOU?

Let’s admit it, some friends are very irresponsible: they easily get into trouble, they end up doing all kinds of reckless things, and even end up in dangerous situations.

The worst thing is not just that they hurt themselves, but they always want to drag other people into these messy situations.

Whether they drink and drive, don’t respect traffic lights, or are in a hook-up culture that puts them in danger, it’s unsafe to be close to them.

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  1. Where your partner betrays you ! It’s kind of weird thing happened to life! You scared! Trust! And love! Hate! All things upside down! Mentor energy health! But one thing I’m wondering is my kids! Everyday I’m crying the dark and wondering the kids have a future without you! The disappointment that’s you wasn’t there! For them! What is tomorrow?

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