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7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life

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The one who’s always miserable

We all know (or knew) someone who was always sad, gloomy, and exhausted from everything that was happening in their life.

The worst thing about this kind of person is that they are energy vampires. As Judith Orloff, MD, a psychiatrist at the University of California-Los Angeles Psychiatric Clinical Faculty, explained, “an energy vampire is someone who will constantly zap your energy dry.”

They ALWAYS talk about THEIR problems, and not only that, but they also focus on the negative aspect of any given situation.

No matter the subject, it all comes down to their problems and their misfortunes. However, these people are oftentimes unaware of the fact that they’re so cynical and pessimistic, so they need someone to be blunt about it.

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  1. Where your partner betrays you ! It’s kind of weird thing happened to life! You scared! Trust! And love! Hate! All things upside down! Mentor energy health! But one thing I’m wondering is my kids! Everyday I’m crying the dark and wondering the kids have a future without you! The disappointment that’s you wasn’t there! For them! What is tomorrow?

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