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7 Types Of Toxic People Who Poison Your Life

Friends are by far one of the most important things in our lives. They make us feel better, we have beautiful memories together, and they help us when we need them the most.

However, when it comes to friends, all of the things listed above can immediately change. While some friends are for life, others are there just for a quick passage.

As good as they can make us feel, they can also have a negative impact on us, they can drain us, making us feel resentful, sad, and disappointed.

Spotting a toxic friend and deciding to cut him/her out of your life must be one of the most difficult things in someone’s life.

But it can happen to the best of us, too. So what do you do when you feel that you’re surrounded by toxicity?

Whether it’s because they talk about themselves all the time, don’t offer you enough respect, or that they are NEVER there for you when you need them, your life gets worse when you’re around them.

You FEEL worse when you’re around them. So, what is there to do? Let’s see the 7 types of toxic people we need to be careful about!

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  1. Where your partner betrays you ! It’s kind of weird thing happened to life! You scared! Trust! And love! Hate! All things upside down! Mentor energy health! But one thing I’m wondering is my kids! Everyday I’m crying the dark and wondering the kids have a future without you! The disappointment that’s you wasn’t there! For them! What is tomorrow?

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