Feng Shui: 11 Home Items That Bring You BAD Luck Right Now

feng shui
Photo by Andre_K from Shutterstock

An outdated calendar

Feng Shui laws teach us that keeping an old calendar on display in your home might push your luck the same way broken clocks do.

Also, Feng Shui is completely against using a time-keeping device incorrectly, claiming that it might bring misfortune, curtail prosperity, and even shorten your life. If you would rather be on the safe side, make sure your home calendar is up to date, so to speak.

An old broom

If you move into a brand new home, don’t bring your old broom with you! Feng Shui laws are completely against it, as they say that an old broom will sweep away all the good luck in your life.

In fact, common sense dictates that using old cleaning tools might introduce pests and grime from your old home. So if you changed your location, why not change the brooms, too?


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