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What Does Your Day of Birth Say About Your Personality?

Do you believe in numerology?

Numerology is the belief in the divine relationship between events and numbers. According to this science of numbers, there are plenty of things you can interpret about your personality based on the date during which they happened.

Whether you already have your birth chart on hand or you call your mom to ask her what day of the week you were born, it’s essential to also have other important dates handy to start learning more about their significance.

For instance, you’ll probably want to know your life path number, which can help you know what your mission or purpose is. You’ll need to do some math with your full birthdate to learn your life path number.

There are also other important numbers, such as those that correspond to your full name or some combination of your name and birthdate. All these details add to your numerology chart, boiling down to single-digit numbers, that correspond with personality characteristics.

Therefore, what does the day you came into this world say about you?

First, it’s important to note that there’s a difference between the day you were born and your full birth date. While numerology addresses the latter, the former is more of a planetary thing.

Fascinatingly, the days of the week are named after planets or other stars that create Hellenistic astrology: Sunday is Helios, the Sun; then we have Monday, or Selene, the Moon; Tuesday is Mars, Wednesday is named after Mercury; Thursday is Jupiter; Friday is Venus; and Saturday is Saturn.

The planets, in turn, are named after Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, and therefore they tend to have their own personalities, which can correspond with the days of the week, leaving their marks on people born on each day.

According to Seth Vermilyea, medium, clairsentient, tarot reader, and numerology expert, adding planetary influence to number theories can help you get a better understanding of your characteristics based on the day you were born.

Want to learn more about your innate traits or decode your loved ones’ personalities? Here’s a closer look at what the day someone was born says about them.

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