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What Does Your Day of Birth Say About Your Personality?

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Lastly, Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is the planet of limitations. It’s also the last planet visible in the sky from Earth. Saturday-born people are kind and determined. They tend to be very responsible and mature.

They are also very wise, studious, and practical, making them good at business. Someone who’s born on Saturday can also get very speedy with things, which can annoy many people around them.

Additionally, these people are also shy and kind, so they often have a hard time interacting with people of the opposite gender. When it comes to friends, they are pretty selective, and they rarely make the first move. The same thing goes for romantic contexts.

Saturday-born people are usually individualists and prefer to be alone.

So, on what day of the week were you born? Do you find yourself exhibiting the traits listed above? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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