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What Does Your Day of Birth Say About Your Personality?

Photo by Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski from Shutterstock


Were you born on a Sunday? If so, you’ve got some luck. According to astrology, people born on this day, which is ruled by the Sun, are lucky ducks. That’s because the Sun, which is also known as the King of all planets, has a strong influence on such people.

The Sun gives these people a magnetic power and an aura like its own. People born on Sundays are typically bold, bright, creative, and loud. As Vermilyea points out, they often stand out in a crowd, looking for the spotlight.

Since Sunday also means the start of the week, those born on it will be natural leaders. They can also be authoritative, doubting, self-centered, and insecure. Also, they don’t like to be ignored.

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