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6 Mean Zodiac Signs You Should NEVER Mess With

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4. Scorpio

If you look at a Scorpio and don’t interact with them that much, you’re more likely to think that they’re mean, based on their tough exterior. But the truth is that they’re very sensitive and good friends in general, but when there are things that they don’t agree with, they can get very manipulative.

Some astrologers say that there are times when it’s quite difficult to get along with a Scorpio, given the fact that their temper is moody and they can blow hot and cold in a snap.

If someone does them wrong, you better get ready for conflict, because they don’t shy away from telling you about all the things that they don’t like.

They’re very strong and stubborn, and they sometimes hate admitting that they’re wrong. I can’t tell you what the ideal recipe is for dealing with a Scorpio because it varies from person to person, so you need patience and a calm attitude to solve everything.

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