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6 Mean Zodiac Signs You Should NEVER Mess With

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1. Capricorn

I’m a Capricorn myself and let me tell you that people born under this zodiac sign are not exactly calm. Astrologers say that people born under the rule of Saturn are very focused on their goals, and they don’t like it when something stands in their way.

They’re very ambitious and hard-working, but when they’re extremely stressed, they can get angry in a snap.

It might not sound very good, but the truth is that Capricorns would choose romantic partners that could help them advance in their careers. That’s because they want to be surrounded by people that are smarter and more talented than themselves, so they can learn more about how to become the best versions of themselves.

On the other hand, if there are people around them who don’t support their goals and dreams, they’re more likely to be mean and communicate in a way that hurts others’ feelings.

Capricorns are very fun and friendly, and they’ll make you laugh each time you get together with them, but the thing is that when they have a lot on their plate, they’ll say exactly what comes to mind without thinking it through.

Even though they might be mean and snappy at times, they can easily calm down in a few minutes, and they’ll typically regret their behavior and apologize.

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