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6 Mean Zodiac Signs You Should NEVER Mess With

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2. Virgo

If you have any Virgo friends, you already know that they’re perfectionists! They like everything to be in the right order, and if that doesn’t happen, they might get a little angry.

Some astrologers believe that Virgos not only expect perfection from themselves (they are their harshest critics; they embody the popular adage “You are your own competition”), but also from those around them.

For instance, sometimes they try to help other people feel their best, but they don’t know exactly how to communicate that, which makes them seem mean.

If they’re already stressed, the tiniest thing that they don’t like will make them snap and critique everything around them.

Even though they don’t always know how to express their opinions (that happens even if they have the best intentions), they are very happy when people take their advice. If you don’t agree with them, they won’t have a problem with that, as long as you tell them in a nice and respectful way.

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