7 Signs a Deceased Loved One Wants to Talk to You

Photo by LeaDigszammal from shutterstock.com

Things are about to get spooky!

When two people get married, they usually promise to stay together until death do them part. But is it true? Is love gone when one of the spouses dies?

If you believe in Heaven and Hell, you’re probably thinking that the person you loved the most went to a different place, and now they’re taking care of you from another world.

Speaking of that, there are quite a few spiritual mediums who say that although they’re no longer with us, the souls of loved ones, whether it’s friends or family, are still close to you, and if you pay close attention, you can actually feel their presence.

So how can you be sure that someone you once loved is trying to reach out and connect to you? You’ll have to click on the next page to find out!


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